BINUS International Office

Before You Go

Congratulations on accepting your offer from BINUS University! We are excited to welcome you in Indonesia and kick-start your study adventure with the BINUSIAN community.

Each year, we invite freshmen like you to join our First-Year Program (FYP). You can start the re-registration process, prepare yourself to join the FYP, and get your BINUSIAN account activated. Here are some first steps you can do once you are officially accepted as our new student.

  1. Have you got your Student ID? Once you have got your student ID, go to the BINUSMAYA page and get your BINUSIAN email address
  2. Go to BINUS CX and join some online orientation classes about BINUS
  3. Get your digital BINUSIAN Card and download your FYP card through your online admission page

You can find more details on the first steps on the FYP webpage here.

What else can you do before you come to Indonesia? It is important for you to come well-prepared before coming to Indonesia and setting up all the necessary arrangements for your travel and a long stay in Indonesia. Here are some guides on:

  1. What you need to do,
  2. What you need to know, and
  3. What you need to bring!

Download the Pre-Departure Guide here:

Part 1. Before & Upon Arrival Part 2. During your Study