BINUS International Office

Undergraduate Programs

We have hosted students from over 30 countries around the world since 2001. Students from overseas can seek a degree from BINUS UNIVERSITY and be enrolled as full-time students. Learn about many undergraduate programs that BINUS offers at  BINUS INTERNATIONAL.

Our English-delivered programs run in BINUS INTERNATIONAL JWC Campus and fX Campus. As students, you can opt to complete a single degree track from BINUS, or join our exclusive double degree (3+1 and 2+2) program and dual award program with our world-leading partner universities from Australia, Asia, Europe, and the U.S.

During the 4-year study duration, we embedded 1-year Enrichment Program where you can choose to study overseas, do volunteer activities, conduct an internship, do research projects, or participate in a business project. This Enrichment Program complements your classroom knowledge with real-life experience.

Learn more about these available majors for undergraduate degrees:

English taught programs: