BINUS International Office

Undergraduate Programs

We have hosted students from over 30 countries around the world since 2001. Students from overseas can seek a degree from BINUS UNIVERSITY and be enrolled as full-time students. Learn about many undergraduate programs that BINUS offers at Global Class, BINUS INTERNATIONALBINUS Northumbria School of DesignBINUS Business School and BINUS ASO School of Engineering (conducted in Bahasa and English).

Our English-delivered programs mainly run in BINUS INTERNATIONAL JWC Campus and BINUS Northumbria School of Design. As students, you can opt to complete a single degree track from BINUS, or join our exclusive double degree (3+1 and 2+2) program and dual award program with our world-leading partner universities from Australia, Asia, Europe, and the U.S.

During the 4-year study duration, we embedded 1-year Enrichment Program where you can choose to study overseas, do volunteer activities, conduct an internship, do research projects, or participate in a business project. This Enrichment Program complements your classroom knowledge with real-life experience.

Our hybrid-modular curriculum and CIDER (Catalyst for Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship, & Research) Park idea incubator* facilitate integrative project-based and solution-oriented learning.

Learn more about these available majors for undergraduate degrees:

English taught programs:

Bilingual (English and Indonesian) taught programs:

Each major offer plentiful streaming (specializations) to choose from. See available streaming here.