BINUS International Office

Special Programs

BINUS University strives to provide a world-class education in building and serving the nation. To fulfill that mission, BINUS strives to incorporate international collaborations into our academic and non-academic activities, including student mobility and short programs. Our Special Programs refer to various programs offered to accommodate internationalization opportunities.


  • Indonesia has a growing and vibrant economy with annual GDP growth of over 6%since 2007. With investments pouring in, we aim to be one of the leading economies in the world.
  • Rich in biodiversity, the archipelago of over 17,000 islands is home to over 240 million people of multiple races, cultures, and historical roots from Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and European influences.
  • Entrepreneurial, creative, resilient, fun, and young Indonesians have a way of winning over the world. We engage the world in business, culture, learning, and innovation. It is a perfect time for you to get to know us!


Short programs are available in every study area, from designs and sciences to languages and cultures. A short program typically runs between 4 days to 4 weeks. Many students participate in a short program to explore their interests, develop new skills, meet other students with similar interests, expand networking, and earn credits (if available). Click to find Short Program Offers for BINUS Students


Immersion programs aim to provide students with first-hand experiences of different cultures. The program typically includes student group discussions on cultural understanding and cultural trips. Click to find Immersion Program Offers for BINUS Students

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