BINUS International Office

The iBuddy+

iBuddy+ program is created to support our Internationalization initiatives. As a volunteer in this program, you will play a pivotal role in fostering an inclusive campus community by actively supporting international activities at BINUS campuses. Your contributions will involve providing services to international guests, valuable guidance and friendship to international students, and significant acts at international events.

Every semester, our student volunteers have been assisting the international students who study at BINUS campuses (semester and non-semester based) to adjust, adapt and transition to the BINUS environment and Indonesian cultures. For many international students, being in Indonesia might be their first-time experience living abroad. In Indonesia, they will need to make new friends, gain a lot of new information, learn how to get around, and even learn a new language. You can help them create an easier and smoother stay simply by volunteering for our program. 

Meanwhile, our student volunteers have also been contributing to providing international experience to the BINUS campus community by organizing hands-on intercultural experience activities. The support is provided for the international workshops, seminars, and activities which have been organized regularly by BINUS International Office (BIO). 


  • Active BINUS Undergraduate Student (non-BOL) from any major
  • Binusian 2026 & 2027
  • Minimum GPA of 2.75
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills, with a good command of English (minimum BUEPT/ BIEPT score 500)
  • Personable
  • Empathetic
  • Service-oriented
  • Able to speak another foreign language is a plus


  • Priority access to international program scholarship opportunities
  • Expansion of your international network
  • Broadening your global outlook through exposure to interculturalism
  • Opportunity to become an ambassador of BINUS University and Indonesia
  • Earn SAT points for your involvement
  • Receive e-certificates as recognition for your contribution
  • And so much more!


iBuddy for Semester Application Deadline
Odd (Fall) Semester 2023/2024 20 June 2023
Even (Spring) Semester 2023/2024 28 November 2023


  1. Fill out the iBuddy+ application form available on
  2. Submit the application by the deadline announced. Please make sure that you have completed the application form otherwise, we will not process it.


Jeane Rooseline
Computerized Accounting

Being an iBuddy gave me the chance to become friend with international students from all over the world. I was an iBuddy for two Malaysian students during Odd Semester 2013/2014. During that semester I also became friends with students from Thailand and Korea to name a few. We had a great time having meals and going on a trip to Bogor.

Being an iBuddy gave me the chance to explore new things, culture, and learn the language. That is why I decided to join the program again. During Even Semester 2013/2014, my buddies are from Holland and Germany. We had a close relationship. They visited my house and met my family. I also managed to learn a little bit of Dutch and German.

“Ik hou van jou, Holland! Ich liebe dich, Germany!”

Because of my positive contribution to the program, I became an iBuddy for Australian students for international internship and study tour program.

Thank you International Office of BINUS University and my international friends for the chance to experience international friendship. I enjoy my role as an iBuddy and see this as a life changing experience. This program opens my horizon and makes me proud to be an Indonesian.


Doni Nathaniel Pranama, Computer Science
iBuddy: Young Kyu Cho, Dong-A University and Na Young Lee, Kyung Hee University

What if I tell you that actually people from other part of the world have a slightly different point of view about life? Curious enough? I was. However, it’s all answered when I decided to join the iBuddy program. It’s fun! I swear!

Two of my iBuddies is  from South Korea. The first one was Young Kyu Cho (Joe) and the second one is Na Young Lee. Both showed great enthusiasm as exchange students at BINUS University. It’s precious to have friends like them. The experience I got from joining this program is just irreplaceable. I got a chance to introduce Indonesian culture to them, including our beloved language – Indonesian. Yeah, most of the exchange students love to eat “sate ayam”, especially the Koreans. No specific reason, they just like it – a lot.

By joining this program, I learned that cultural differences can lead to a different way of thinking about education, career, and future. Furthermore, I learned that teaching Indonesian language for foreigners is not as easy as you might have thought. Think about the prefixes and the suffixes of Indonesian language, and you will understand what I mean.

I believe that some of you might not really understand how I feel, so I recommend you to join this program. Just join! It will not make you super busy, instead it will benefit and give you with tons of knowledge. So, what’s stopping you?

iBuddy BINUS