BINUS International Office

Health & Wellbeing

Your health and wellbeing are important to us. We understand that your study success needs to be supported by having a healthy body and lifestyle, and also maintaining mindfulness.

On COVID-19 related matters, do check out the information provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia to find the latest update on the regulations you must comply.

Keeping Yourself Active 

within BINUS Campus
outside BINUS Campus
Do you know that we have a gym facility on campus?

And a game room where you can play table tennis or pool at the JWC campus?

And a gym, swimming pool, and basketball  & futsal court at BSQ?

And that you can play futsal with the team at the Kijang campus?

Check this out!

You can find a lot of gyms open for memberships around BSQ or Anggrek Campus area, or straight in the malls around Jakarta!

Or if you prefer to do free exercises or looking for more sporting areas and fields, you can to Gelora Bung Karno, just across fX campus! More parks are also scattered around the Jakarta area.

more activities ideas:


  • Go hiking! Find the info here.
  • Theme parks day out
  • Visiting car-free day sites on Sunday: walking or cycling, or eating!
  • Jakarta guided walk tours
  • contact our student Ambassadors/ ISE Counselor for more ideas.
Studying outside Jakarta?

Health and Personal Safety Matters

Health Insurance Plan
Hospitals and Clinics nearby
Health Emergencies
As an international student, it is important to have yourself covered for unexpected sickdays.


We provide you with a basic health plan with our health insurance partner for you to enrol. Type A scholarship awardees are automatically registered (covered in scholarship benefits). For other students who wish to be enrolled, you can contact Ms. Mita Adhisti (International Student Engagement Counselor) to get more info on the benefits, fees, and registration process.


You can refer to our health insurance provider’s listed hospitals and clinics here.


Indonesia also has telemedicine services available. These providers can be accessed through websites or mobile apps:

If you need more advice and suggestions on other health services needed, feel free to reach our student Ambassadors/ ISE Counselor.


If you need any emergency medical assistance, contact 118 for ambulance/ 119 for other medical emergencies.


Reach out to your families and friends/ lecturers/ Boarders’ Operation Team at BSQ/ ISE Counselor


Common Diseases Mental Health Personal Safety & Security
Read more about the common diseases in Indonesia and how to prevent it here. Should you have a record of mental condition of concerns (past or current) are advised to carefully discuss your plans with a mental health professional well in advance of departure, and develop strategies for managing any potential impacts deriving from the move abroad. It’s important to note that psychiatric and psychological services are limited in Indonesia.
If you need any support during your study in Indonesia for your conditions, our Student Advisory and Support Center will be able to assist and provide further recommendations.
Read more here.


Transition Guides You can read these resources from to help guiding your transition phase to university life abroad.
Communities, Mentors, and Friends
  • Channel your inner leader and talents by joining the many Student Clubs and Organizations and activity units within the BINUS community. Check this Student Clubs and Activity Units page here.
  • If you have personal or academic issues you are more comfortable talking with your fellow students, don’t hesitate to reach your friends, mentors and peer counselors, teaching assistants, iBuddies, and student Ambassadors. We got your back!
BINUS Support System We are here to support you along the way. It might not be an easy journey being an international student, but it will be worth it!

Don’t hesitate to reach our support team, we’ll walk together with you.

Disability Services You can reach your campus’ SASC and they will help to organize the support needed for you.