BINUS International Office

International Corners

BINUS International Corners provide a friendly and convenient space for BINUS students to engage in an international experience through books, movies, ideas, experiences, and perspectives, of which ultimate goals are to inspire, enlighten, and educate about the target culture and identity.

There are three international corners which are currently under the management of BINUS International Office, namely #AussieBanget Corner, Warung Prancis, and Korea Corner. They are located in the Library and Knowledge Center, Anggrek Campus, 1st Floor.

The primary goal of BINUS International Corner programs is to allow BINUS community to experience other cultures and situations which supplement their learning journey on campus within local settings through the implementation of various programs, such as guest lectures, seminars, talk shows, workshops, exhibitions, movie screenings, and more.

By involving overseas professors, experts, and industry practitioners about current global issues, BINUS International Corner programs are also expected to develop students’ cross-cultural competencies, e.g. communication, respect, appreciation, and expanding worldviews through in- and outdoor activities.

BINUS #AussieBanget Corner

#AussieBanget Corner is an open space with Australian theme, served as a platform to showcase Australia as a destination for high-quality education. Launched on 23 March 2017, it offers a wide selection of books, including award-winning nonfiction and fiction, as well as details on scholarships for studying in Australia. E-Trove, the online catalog of the National Library of Australia, is also available to enrolled BINUS students.
Along with hosting alumni events, the corner also serves as a location for formal gatherings hosted by the Australian Embassy and Consulate Office.

The establishment of #AussieBanget Corner at BINUS University highlights the university’s outstanding qualities that make it ideal partners for Australian educational and diplomatic institutions in their search for innovation-driven collaborators as government, trade, and educational relations between Indonesia and Australia continue to improve.

BINUS Korea Corner

BINUS Korea Corner was officially launched on 31 October 2019 by Mr. Jeon Jo-Young, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Indonesia. Since its establishment, BINUS Korea Corner has been utilized as a friendly space for BINUS campus community to learn about South Korea and primarily its culture.

The Korean Corner at BINUS University is separated into two main sections in accordance with the fundamental design of a Hanok (Korean Traditional House). The Info Zone is a large, open area resembling a yard, equipped with various books and audiovisual materials about the Korean language, culture, travel, and education. The Media Room is complimented with a 55-inch TVs, DVD player, and headsets that enable visitors to watch Korean movies and have mini-conferences.

BINUS Warung Prancis

BINUS Warung Prancis made its appearance in BINUS Anggrek campus on 12 May 2017. It is a delicate proof of the collaboration between BINUS University and Institut Français d’Indonésie (IFI). BINUS Warung Prancis focuses on providing resources for BINUSIAN, students and staff, to learn about French culture and higher education.