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Student Exchange/Study Abroad

Merge your education with learning, experiencing culture and nature while exploring the beauty of Indonesia, by joining the study abroad or student exchange program at BINUS University.


The student exchange is the ideal path if your home university has a formal Student Exchange Agreement with BINUS University or your home university is a member of the ISEP Exchange Network. Through the program, you can study at BINUS University for one or up to three semesters.

As part of the arrangement, the exchange students will swap spots with BINUS students and shall follow the international exchange activities under tuition waiver agreements. Even if the tuition is waived, the exchange students are responsible for meeting all costs associated with the study, including accommodation, living expenses, travel, visa costs, and health insurance.

To check whether your home university is a partner of BINUS, please click here: BINUS’ Partners
To check whether your home university is a member of the ISEP network, please click here: ISEP Member Directory


The programs are designed for those who are not students of BINUS’ partners nor ISEP Network’s Institution and are willing to pay the tuition for international students depending on the credits and programs taken. Upon completion, the students will receive the official academic record, which can be used for credit transfer purposes at their home university.
Please contact Ms. Arina Utami ( to learn about the tuition structure.


  • Registered as an active student at home university.
  • Has at least completed 1-year study period at home university.
  • Age min.18 years old.
  • GPA min 2.75 out of 4.00 (70% out of 100%)
  • Able to meet the minimum standards of English language proficiency, by taking and achieving a specific result in an English language test, unless exemptions* are applied.

 English Language Requirements 

Teaching, learning, assessments, and other activities are conducted in English. The following information will help you to understand the English language requirements for undergraduate and graduate studies, as well as the additional tests and foundation programs you can do to satisfy these requirements.

  • A student should be able to meet the following minimum standards of English language proficiency by taking and achieving a specific result in an English language test unless exemptions are applied.
    • Academic IELTS test, the overall score of 6.00 or above; or
    • A TOEFL® Test, min 550 (paper-based), 213 (computer-based), 79 (Internet-based); or
    • PTE, min 50; or
    • MUET, min 5; or
    • An official statement from the home university confirms that the medium of instruction is fully in English.
  • A student who holds a passport from one of the countries mentioned below is considered a native speaker and is, therefore, exempt from the BINUS INTERNATIONAL English Proficiency Test (BIEPT).
    • Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.
  • A student may apply for an exemption from the BIEPT if they can provide independent evidence of previous education for at least one year in one of the above-mentioned countries. The following supporting documents need to be presented:
    • academic transcript; or
    • certificate of attendance; or
    • diploma or degree certificate.


To apply to the student exchange program, you must contact the International Office at your home university to be nominated to BINUS UNIVERSITY. Once you have been nominated, you will receive a notification email to log on to our online application, the iMobilio.
You may read the iMobilio Application Guideline and follow the instruction carefully.

IMPORTANT DATES 2023 Spring/Even Semester  2023 Fall/Odd  Semester 
Semester Dates February – July 2023 September 2023 – February 2024
Nomination Deadline 30 October 2022

extended to 15 November 2022

30 May 2023
Application Date 1 – 15 November  2022 1 – 15 June 2022


  • BINUS offers four different campuses based on location for exchange students:
  • Exchange candidates are advised to download the BINUS Application Package for Even Semester 2022/2023 (Spring 2023) on The_Application_Package_2023_Spring to learn the latest facts sheet, our academic calendar, and its course list offered to exchange students. The course list may alter semesterly*.
    Exchange students may take courses across departments/programs only within the chosen BINUS campus. If you still need to seek appropriate courses for your education experience, you may request a campus change until a certain date.
    The Semester Credit Unit (SCU) is 24 units maximum per semester for the undergraduate program and 16 units maximum for the graduate program. The basic characteristics of the units can be found at and
    *The archive of the application packages from previous semesters can be found at the end of this post.
  • International students at BINUS University are advised to enter Indonesia using Limited Stay Permit Visa for study purposes and obtain its residence e-card within 30 days of arrival. Students who arrived using another type of visa must contact Ms. Arina Utami ( to seek some advice to avoid unnecessary inconvenience, such as illegal stay.
  • Our Hall of Residence, BINUS SQUARE offers a vibrant and exciting university boarding life, which can be a lodging option for exchange students during their program. BINUS Square is “a home away from home”, located in the Kemanggisan area of West Jakarta. It has four halls, two halls dedicated for female boarders and two halls for male boarders, and 1500 rooms that can cater for 2300 students. Please visit for further information.
  • BINUS iBuddy program is designed to help international exchange students in transition, adjust, and adapt to the Indonesian culture. With so much experience, iBuddy may assist the exchange students academically and offer exciting non-academic experiences outside the classroom.
  • Assuming the students stay at BINUS Square and have paid the rental separately, a typical humble international student may allocate USD 500 – 700 per month, where the amount will cover the daily necessities, books, daily transport, and entertainment. Students may prepare an extra USD 200 for a one-time payment upon arrival for the residency e-card (visa procedures upon arrival).
  • Exchange students may seek support and assistance from BINUS Inbound Team by contacting Ms. Melisa Utomo and Ms. Arina Utami (

Archive References:
Odd Semester 2022/2023 (Fall 2022) Application Package, could be found here: The_Application_Package_2022_Spring
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