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Student Association

Student Association is one of the student organizations that usually based on department level/ your faculty at the university. Each field of study/ major usually owns its own student association where students can participate and enhance their leadership skills, mindset, and potential in your chosen field. You can propose activities that develop the scientific knowledge and abilities of the students in your faculty. Usual activities include workshops, competitions, or more fun departmental events that showcase your faculty’s uniqueness (such as BBQ night, music festivals, etc.)

Check some of these Student Associations available at Senayan Campus:

BASIS (Business Information Systems)
BIMARCĀ  & COMMAS (BINUS International Marketing Club and Communication)

BINARY (BINUS Computer Science Club)



CAC (Creative Art Club) & FASHUN (Fashion Club)
and more to come…

Student Activity Unit

If you are more interested in pursuing your talent development through hobby clubs, student activity units are where you can go and find like-minded, passionate students like you. We have a variety of student clubs and communities you can join for:

AISEC/ BIGS (BINUS International Global Society)


BMS (BINUS Muslim Society)

CIC (Community in Christ)
Instagram: CIC

BEST (BINUS International English Society BITE (BINUS International Trading Enterprise)

BIPEDS (BINUS International Pool of English Debaters)

BIJAC (BINUS International Japanese Arts & Culture)

BIMUS (BINUS International Music Society)

CIA (Camera in Action)

BIDC (BINUS International Dancing Club)

BIBC (BINUS International Basketball Club) Capoeira Club
BIFC (BINUS International Futsal Club)

BSSC (BINUS Square Student Club)

and more…
Studying at other campuses? Check the clubs and associations here.

Volunteering with Teach for Indonesia (TFI) community

If you like community service activities and looking forward to an opportunity where you can share your talents and skillset with those in need through education, this student community can be where you can nurture that spirit.
Teach for Indonesia delivers fun teaching activities and other social activities for less fortunate children in rural areas of Jakarta. TFI also aims to contribute toward sustainable development goals through volunteer work that we do together. You can also gain social hours by joining TFI!

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Campus Guidelines

Download the BI_STUDENT GUIDELINE_B2025_09092021 here to know more about the campus life, regulations, and academic guidelines.