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First Things First: What You Should Know

There must be a lot of things going on in your mind. Between excited, and anxious, you want to get as ready as you can before you go, however you can take in all the essential information step by step, and we’re here to help!

Where can I start?

Make sure you are familiar with these things.

  • The formal procedures and process you need to follow
    • Observe emails and notifications for registrations, BINUSMAYA (our learning services portal), and orientation (don’t miss it as you will learn about the BINUS environment and academic life, campus conduct, and Indonesian basic regulations you need to know,  etc.)
    • Visa processes
    • Read the above guidelines and your student contracts if you are a scholarship awardee.
  • Your readiness to travel and study abroad
    • It is important to prepare yourself with skills (and knowledge) that will support your transition process to a new country. You can improve your readiness for culture shocks on topics of identity, faith, spirituality, values, sexuality, gender identity/expressions, etc., by accessing useful transition kits. You can easily find the kits online, such as this cool resource from 
    • It is also important to strategize on how you should manage money, keeping yourself healthy, and navigating emergencies.
  • Your destination country: Indonesia
    • You can start your research about Indonesia here, by reading general, basic information about Indonesia here. The website provides you with useful, basic knowledge of how to get to Indonesia, the time differences, Wi-fi, connectivity, currencies, weather and climates, finances and credit card usage in Indonesia, etc.
    • You can also read more about the languages, local laws, people and culture and manners, and even business hours and holidays in Indonesia! If you are hungry for more, you can also visit this cool website on Indonesian culture.
    • It is also important to know about the safety, health & wellbeing while in Indonesia: common diseases and its prevention, hospital, clinics, and where and how to get help in case of emergencies, and personal safety.

Read more about Indonesia and Jakarta here.

Helpful external resources for your reference:

Download the Pre-Departure Guide here:
Part 1. Before & Upon Arrival Part 2. During your Study

Also read about what should you do, and what should you bring here.

Have further questions? You can reach our International Student Engagement Counselor here.