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First Thing First: What Should You Bring

What should I bring?

  1. Important documents in hard copies and soft copies:
    • Offer Letter or/and your Scholarship Agreement from BINUS University.
    • E-Visa: an electronic paper issued by the Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Directorate of Immigration to enter Indonesia territory. The e-Visa will be sent to your email/ shared by BINUS IO to you. You will need to print this document and attach it with your passport.
    • Study Permit (in Bahasa Indonesia): an electronic document issued by the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture to study in the Indonesian Higher Education Institution, also called: Izin Belajar. The study permit will be shared by BINUS IO to you. You will need to print this document.
    • Original Covid-19 vaccination certificate (with barcode and in English) and its copies.
    • Passport and legalized copies (we advise to get your passport copies legalized by your immigration office before leaving in case of lost passport)
    • Flight tickets
    • You want to purchase additional travel insurance or health plan that suits your needs
  2. Money (max. Equivalent to IDR 100mio, please bring enough cash for a 1-2 month settlement (approx. USD 300 -500/ month + BSQ security deposit of USD200 if you are staying at BSQ). It is essential to get some IDR ready when you depart for Indonesia. If your country doesn’t have access to IDR bills, you can bring enough USD and exchange it for IDR at the airport/ money changers when you arrive. Please note that our ATMs are only cashing out IDR. You might want to notify your local bank before travelling if you want to use your debit card/credit cards in Indonesia to avoid any issues. 😊 Read more about Credit Cards and Currency here
  3. Plugs/ universal adaptor. Indonesia uses plugs with two round tips (similar to standard European 2-pin socket). Purchasing a universal travel adaptor can be helpful if you are unsure which adaptor to buy. You can read more about Plugs and Electricity in Indonesia here. Along with the adaptor, make sure you also keep your phone/tablet devices’ charger in your hand carry too.
  4. Prescription medicines and doctor’s letters/recommendation. If you are taking certain medications on a routine basis, bring an extended supply if needed) AND the prescription/doctor’s letter. Also, consult with your doctor first for substitutes available in Indonesia)
  5. A set of weather-and-culture-and-occasion-proper clothing. Modest clothing (covering elbows, knees, less cleavage) are preferred due to the religious culture (respecting Muslim values in dressing and adhering to the campus regulations on modest clothing in campus areas). Choose loose-fitting and light clothes to accommodate Indonesia’s hot and humid weather. You can bring a jacket (not a coat) for colder days. Don’t forget to prepare both casual and formal style clothing!
  6. Masks (due to Covid-19), toiletries, a set of beddings.
  7. Own’s gadgets. Some foreign phones need to be registered for IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity), so you can use the Indonesian number here. You can do IMEI registrations at the Indonesian airport or through the link here. How to know your phone’s IMEI? Type in *#06# on your phone, and your phone will display its IMEI.
  8. Some snacks from your home country for homesick remedy and introduce them to your friends (as long as it doesn’t contain meat in massive amounts, sealed well)
  9. Quarantine boredom entertainments
  10. National clothing where appropriate, as it would be nice to dress up later on and show it to your friends! We have been having an iWeek and international students’ day where students can showcase and share their culture with other students. 😊

You can’t bring these items to Indonesia!

  1. Guns/ firearms/ dangerous goods
  2. Animals (and fresh produces)
  3. Alcoholic drinks
  4. Drugs
  5. Tobacco
  6. Pornographic materials
  7. Cash more than IDR 100mio equivalent (needs to do custom clearance)

See, and always double-check your airline’s restrictions.

Some packing tips:

  1. Do NOT pack your essential documents and paper copies and cash in your checked-in luggage. Please keep it in your hand-carry bag.
  2. Keep electronic copies of your important documents in accessible google drive/online storage.
  3. Keep your phone charged for emergencies; bring the charger on the plane.
  4. Bring a jacket and one 1-day worth of any prescribed medicine or travel medicine (i.e. if you are airsick) on your hand carry).
  5. Check if your current phone provider has international data plans working in Indonesia and purchase one week – 2 weeks international data plan if necessary.
  6. Decide what is necessary for your first month’s settlement, and avoid bringing oversized items (i.e., rice cookers, TV). You can purchase some essentials later in Indonesia, online, or in our many shopping malls. 😊

Also read about what should you do, and what you should know.

Download the Pre-Departure Guide here:
Part 1. Before & Upon Arrival Part 2. During your Study

Have further questions? You can reach our International Student Engagement Counselor here.