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Study Abroad

Study Abroad at BINUS
Study abroad programs at BINUS involve substantial academic work — a year or a semester — and considerable interaction between the student and the culture.

At BINUS you will find many elements of classroom teaching are similar to your home institution’s methods. You will be familiar with group work, discussion sessions, projects, and presentations in class. You can also expect a different classroom experience in your courses at BINUS. You need to be independently motivated and see work for each class as progress toward a holistic understanding of a subject.

And by combining that coursework with possible internships and a variety of cultural activities, BINUS offers you a uniquely immersive international experience.

Embrace this opportunity as a student abroad to gain new focuses on your field of study, and to take advantage of the freedom and challenges of the education philosophy at BINUS.


There are two options available for you to apply the Study Abroad program at BINUS:

  1. Through ISEP Network
    If your home university is an ISEP Member, you may apply the Study Abroad program at BINUS through ISEP Direct Program. International Student Exchange Programs (ISEP) is a network of over 300 colleges and universities in 50 countries cooperating to provide affordable access to international education through ISEP Exchange or ISEP Direct.
    ISEP Direct program provides the opportunity to enroll directly in a host institution abroad as opposed to exchanging places. Chances of placement are usually excellent, making ISEP Direct a great option for friends hoping to study abroad together. Please visit ISEP Direct Official Website to learn more about the program.
  2. Individual Study Abroad
    You also may apply to  Study Abroad at BINUS on fee-paying basis based on tuition fee charges given below.  Please contact your International Officer / Study Abroad Coordinator at your home institution to discuss your eligibility and whether the course credits can be transferred back to your home tuition.
  1. Registered as an active student at home university
  2. Has at least completed 1 year study period at home university
  3. Age min 18 years old
  4. GPA min 2.75 out of 4.00 (70% out of 100%)
  5. TOEFL min 550 (paper based), 213 (computer based), 79 (internet based), IELTS 6.00, TOEIC 605 (only for student whose first language is not English). Other English proficiency score/proof is also accepted such as a statement letter from home university confirming student is enrolled in a program taught fully in English.
Study Abroad for Semester Application Deadline
Study Abroad Admission for Odd / Fall Semester May 15
Study Abroad Admission for Even / Spring Semester September 15

 If the dates mentioned fall on Saturday or Sunday, then deadline will be on the day after (Monday)

All application documents and materials should be submitted and managed through the International Office of the home university of exchange students.

  1. Completed Student Exchange / Study Abroad Application Form and its components (signed)
  2. Statement Letter of Enrollment from Home Institution
  3. Copy of Official Transcript
  4. Copy of English Language Proficiency Test Result
    (test result obtained in the last two years and only for applicants whose country of origin (country issuing passport) does not speak English as a native language)
  5. Health Statement from a Doctor (confirming that you are in good health)
  6. Color Copy of Passport (must be valid at least 2 years from application date and color copy)
  7. Two (2) Color Passport Photos (45mm x 35mm OR based on home country passport size) – one pasted on the application form
  8. Completed Housing – BINUS Square (Dormitory) Application Form
Semester Period
Odd Semester  September – February
Even Semester  February – July
Compact Semester  July – August

Undergraduate Program
Basically BINUS undergraduate programs are divided into two programs based on campus:

  1. At BINUS INTERNATIONAL, students are taught in English.
  2. While at BINUS UNIVERSITY, Management, Accounting, International Business and Management, Computer Science and Information System classes have most classes are taught in English. For other subjects, please make inquiries specifying which classes you are interested in, as at times special arrangements could be made for classes to be taught in English.

Both are well-known and are excellent standards.

The following fields are particularly recommended: Computer Science, Information Systems, Design, New Media, Graphic Design, Fashion Management, Fashion Design, Media & Communication, Communication, Film, Accounting and Finance, Business Management, Management (International Business), Hospitality & Tourism Management, Marketing, Hospitality and Tourism Management, International Business, Marketing.

The course list has 3 sheets of different campuses, student must choose only ONE campus location based on the course selection:

  1. Kemanggisan Campuses – BINUS University (located within 15 minutes from student dorm – free shuttle available)
    Download Course List: Fall Semester 2015 | Spring Semester 2015
  2. Alam Sutera Campus – BINUS University (located around 1 hour from student dorm – free shuttle available from Kemanggisan Campus)
    Download Course List: Fall Semester 2015 | Spring Semester 2015
  3. Senayan Campuses – known as BINUS International (located around 45 min to 1 hour from student dorm – free shuttle available)
    Download Course List: Fall Semester 2015 | Spring Semester 2015

One credit (1 SCU) is made up of a weekly commitment of:

  1. An academic hour of scheduled face-to-face learning in the classroom with academic staff.
  2. An academic hour of structured academic activity which has been scheduled and planned by academic staff (lecturers) e.g.: review session or seminar.
  3. An academic hour of independent academic activity such as reading, summarizing, working on papers etc.

Please consult with Academic Advisor if needs to convert this to another credit system.

Please download our curriculum and course syllabus and/or email to to request it.

Postgraduate Program
As for our post-graduate program, BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL (BBS), the classes are taught by leading industry professionals in Indonesia, including top CFOs. Due to the university’s close industry ties, CEOs, industry and international speakers are often incorporated into academic programs. Unique Indonesian BBS produced case studies are used for various classes.

Currently, BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL offers two graduate programs that are fully taught in English.

  1. MM Professional Business Management
  2. MM Professional Applied Finance

Academic Calendar

Semester Period
Semester 1 / Fall September – February
Semester 2 / Spring March – September

At BBS, the classes are held in the evenings (around 6.30-9.30PM) and are run in Senayan Campus. Students can take minimum 9 credits and maximum 15 credits.

  1. Academic Calendar
  2. Course List offered
  3. Catalog

For MM graduate program, the total SCU for full degree is 42 credits.

Semester 2 (Spring)

Academic Calendar:
9 March – 10 July, 2015

Orientation Date:
6 March, 2015

Suggested Dates of Arrival:
1 – 5 March, 2015

The workload for each semester will be different as shown on below table:

Semester MM Professional
1 15
2 15
3 12

One credit (1 SCU) consists of:

  • 60 minutes of lecture
  • 60 minutes of other structured activities (if any)
  • 60 minutes of self study

One Semester period consists of 13 weeks lecture + 1 week of Mid Exam + 2 weeks of Final Exam.


Transcripts are sent to ISEP and then immediately released to the student’s home institution if there are no outstanding financial obligations. Semester 1 transcripts are issued in March; Semester 2 transcripts are issued in August; Full Year transcripts are issued in August.

Note: BINUS ultimately determines your proficiency level and course eligibility.
Hints for Researching Courses:

  1. From the main website, choose Programs.
  2. Select and explore the field you are interested in to view a list of courses typically offered.

BINUS SQUARE Hall of Residence can be an option for you to stay during the program. If you plan to reside in BINUS SQUARE, you will need to complete the BINUS SQUARE Application Form. For more information, please download BINUS SQUARE Fact sheet or visit the official website.


International students are recommended to apply for a visa at home country at the nearest Embassy/Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia once all visa requirements are complete. To ensure a successful obtainment of visa, student will need to show Letter of Invitation from BINUS and prepare supporting documents that may vary. There are two types of visa recommended for international students:

  1. Limited Stay Permit Visa (VITAS – Visa Ijin Tinggal Terbatas)
    Valid for 6 – 12 months. Student must start applying for this visa at least 2-3 months before arrival and must report to immigration within 5 days of arrival to Indonesia (first entry must be Jakarta). Single entry to begin with but can apply for multiple entry in Indonesia. Only available for those who submit application by deadline.
  2. Socio Cultural Visit Visa (VKSB – Visa Kunjungan Social Budaya)
    Valid for 60 days to begin with and can be extended every 30 days for 4 times consecutively (for a total of 180 days). Single entry only. Student can apply for VKSB multiple times.

For details of visa information, please visit our Visa and Legal information page or you can download Visa General Information to learn more about Indonesian visa.


You can also download the international student handbook and use it as your guidance during your study at BINUS UNIVERSITY.


Kemanggisan Campuses – BINUS UNIVERSITY

  • Syahdan Campus
    There are 38 classrooms available in Syahdan Campus, each equipped with LCD projector, whiteboard and air-conditioning, as well as computers and internet access.
  • Anggrek Campus
    Anggrek Campus has 95 classrooms, each equipped with LCD projector, whiteboard and air-conditioning, as well as computer and internet access
  • Kijang Campus
    Kijang Campus has 19 classrooms, each equipped with LCD projector, whiteboard and air-conditioning, as well as computers and internet access.

Alam Sutera Campus – BINUS UNIVERSITY
Alam Sutera Campus was established on the basis of the high demand of parents and students in Tangerang. To meet the demand, BINUS UNIVERSITY starts building another Campus in Alam Sutera, Tangerang, Banten, to serve as a bridging space with the Main Campus is set to be ready in the near future.