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Odd / Fall Semester September – February Fall 2016
Even / Spring Semester March – September Spring 2016

BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL (BBS) offers two graduate programs that are fully taught in English.

  1. MM Professional Business Management
  2. MM Professional Applied Finance

MM graduate program is run in Senayan Campus (JWC Campus) and its classes are held in the evenings (around 6.30-9.30PM).


For graduate program, each semester consists of two periods of study.
It is compulsory to join both periods if student enrolls on student exchange program.

Students can take minimum 9 credits and maximum 15 credits per semester.

For MM graduate program, the total SCU for full degree is 42 credits.

Even/Spring Semester 2015 consists of 13 sessions. One week consists of 3 courses and 1 course in the week can be run in two sessions. There is no Mid term Exam but there is 1 week of Final Exam.


Please download courses offered in MM Professional Business Management and MM Professional Applied Finance.


Please download MM Professional Business Management and MM Professional Applied Finance courses syllabus.