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FPT University

FPT University is the leading university in Information and Communication Technology training in Vietnam. Established as an educational part of FPT Corporation, the largest ICT Corporation in Vietnam with global branches in many countries, the university offers a comprehensive range of degree programs at undergraduate and post graduate, as well as diplomas and short courses. In 2012, FPT University became the first university in Vietnam to be awarded a 3-star ranking by the QS World Ranking System. In addition, the university is recognized as the best ICT Training Institution by Vietnam Software and IT Services Association and the Ministry of Information and Communications in 2008-2013. Its main campus is located in Hanoi, complementing a state-of-the-art facilities and natural landscapes.

According to the agreement between BINUS and FPT University, student have the opportunity to take following activities:

  1. Student Exchange
    The exchange program is eligible for student majoring Computer Science and Management-related programs.
  2. Student Exchange + Internship (internship will take place after student finishes his/her exchange study)
  3. Global Internship Program (around 3-6 months)
    The internship program enables qualified students to receive firsthand experience in the workplace with a position in the leading companies in Vietnam. Exposing students to real working environment, the internship complements and reinforces what students have learned through encouraging them to apply their classroom knowledge within a structured, real-world organization during their undergraduate career. There is opportunity to get allowance based on performance.
    The program will be based on the assumption that a student has gained professional knowledge of the following majors/fields: Information Technology, Business, Media, Education and Human Resources.
    Program fee is USD 1200/student which covers administration fee, program development, intern supervision, field trip, enrichment activities (City Tour, Embassy Visit, Bat Trang Pottery Village, World Heritage Tour). The fee does not cover food, accommodation, transportation, personal expenses, airfare, visa and international health insurance.
    If you are interested in joining this internship program, email us your CV at

For housing and accommodation, student will have a shared dorm (2 students) in Ha Noi for $150/month. The fee is already included basic furnishing (desk, chair and bed), Internet, electricity and water.

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