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FHS St. Gallen


FHS St. Gallen, University of Applied Sciences is the largest educational institution of Applied Sciences in Eastern Switzerland. Some 2,000 students are currently completing their education in accredited bachelor degree programms and practical oriented post-graduate programms and courses. Unique to these courses of education is their interdisciplinary character. Among its other affiliations, FHS St. Gallen joins universities in Austria and Germany as a member of the IBH, International Lake Constance University. This transnational collaboration in teaching and research is a special feature of the Lake Constance region and a model for international cooperation. FHS St. Gallen is also linked with various universities in Europe and overseas.

With its broad offering, ranging from tutoring through applied research and development to consultancy and services, FHS St.Gallen contributes significantly to the development of the economy and society in Eastern Switzerland. Given FHS St.Gallen‘s emphasis on the five fields: SME management, innovation management, social spheres, inter-generational issues, and e-society, FHS St.Gallen is a strong partner for the professional world across regional boundaries. Moreover, with its four departments of business administration, social work, technical sciences and nursing & health care, FHS St.Gallen offers a solid foundation for a forward-thinking educational landscape.

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