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Program Merdeka Belajar NUNI (PMBN) Even Semester 2022/2023

Program Merdeka Belajar NUNI (PMBN) is a national student mobility program within the NUNI consortium. The program is a customized program of Merdeka Belajar, part of the Ministry of Education and Culture’s Kampus Merdeka. It aims to provide NUNI students with an opportunity to study at NUNI member institutions for one semester, gain new academic experiences, and expand their network with fellow students from other universities.

Click to get more information about NUNI (Nationwide University Network in Indonesia/Jejaring Perguruan Tinggi Nusantara).

If you are a BINUS student, please contact Ms. Arina ( or Ms. Seruni ( to get more information about how to participate in this program.

If you are a NUNI student (non-Binusian), please read the following guidelines carefully and thoroughly.


  1. Be an undergraduate student from any majors
  2. Be highly motivated and open-minded
  3. Has minimum GPA (IPK) of 2,75 (out of 4,00)
  4. Be willing to participate in the PMBN @BINUS University program in the full-time onsite format
  5. Be willing to abide by the rules and regulations of BINUS University
  6. Be willing to take 18-20 SKS at BINUS University during Even Semester 2022/2023

Application Submission: January 20-29, 2023

Important Links Note
1 PMBN Info Complete info about PMBN, application deadlines, course list (daftar mata kuliah), and university contacts.
2 Formulir Persetujuan Kaprodi PMBN Semester Genap TA 2022-2023
  • Both applicant and Kaprodi/Head of Program/Department must complete and sign the Form.
  • Applicant must attach a color photo (3×4), scanned copy of national ID (KTP), and evidence of COVID-19 vaccination to the Formulir Persetujuan Kaprodi.
3 PMBN Online Application Platform
  • Only applications submitted through the PMBN platform will be processed by the host university.
  • To complete the application submission, the applicant must upload the scan copy of the latest academic transcript and signed Formulir Persetujuan Kaprodi.
  • Applicant must attach a color photo (3×4), scan copy of national ID (KTP), and evidence of COVID-19 vaccination to the Form.
4 Course List Offered by BINUS University



Activity Date
Application Submission January 20-29
Result Announcement February 5
Student Confirmation February 8
FRS/KRS Submission February 6-10
Semester Start Date February 13
Mid-Exam April 12-18, May 2-6
Final Exam June 30-July 13
Semester End Date July 13


About PMBN
Is this program mandatory? No. It is optional.
How many seats are available for PMBN students at BINUS University? 5 seats. Submit your application as soon as possible to avoid any technical difficulties. Most applicants tend to submit their applications 3-5 days before the deadline. This may cause you trouble accessing the online platform.
About BINUS Courses
How many courses (mata kuliah) am I allowed to take during the PMBN? The number of courses depends on how many SKS a course bears. You can take between 18 and 20 SKS in total.
The number of SKS offered by the program I am intending to enroll in is less than 18 SKS. Can I take courses from different programs or faculty? Yes. Please consult with your Kaprodi and check if the curriculum at your home university allows you to do so.
BINUS has many campuses. Can I take courses from different campuses? Yes, only if you enroll in the program at BINUS @Greater Jakarta campuses. Please also anticipate the travel time between campuses.

If you enroll in the program at BINUS @Bandung and @Malang campuses, you can only take courses offered by that campus.

Should you still have further questions, please contact Ms. Arina (, Ms. Seruni (, or join our Telegram Channel to chat with our staff directly.

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