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Types of Scholarships

There are so many types of scholarships. Some schools give away scholarships prior to attending college. Some scholarships are based on academic achievement, interest, culture, gender, or else.

When you are doing your research in seeking scholarships, you’ll find information about the scholarship sponsors, how much the scholarships are, how many scholars will be funded, and why the sponsors offer the scholarships.

Here are some types of scholarships.

  • Merit Scholarships
    Merit scholarships will be given to people who excel in academics. The sponsors require high GPA, various participation in academic activities, and so on. These are highly competitive.
  • Need-Based Scholarships
    Need-based scholarships will be given purely on financial needs. Sponsors will give the scholarships to the less-fortunate students in the academic pursuits. The considerations are based on parents’ income, number of siblings or dependants, expenses, cost of living, etc.
  • Athletic Scholarships
    Athletic scholarships are given to potential athletes by universities to recruit them for the athletic teams. The scholars will not have to pay their education, but they pay the price of overworked team sports.
  • School-Based Individual Scholarships
    This type of scholarships is offered by sponsors through the university. Sometimes, you have to apply directly to the scholarship, and other times you are automatically placed in the bowl for possible scholarships after you are accepted at the university.
  • Full/Partial Scholarships
    If you receive a full scholarship, the sponsor will cover living expenses, books, and tuition. Sometimes, they even cover your medical insurance and accommodation, fund your research, or pay for your return air ticket from and to your hometown or home country. Partial scholarship will cover only a part or some parts of your expense. For instance, the scholarship will cover only 50% of the tuition fee, or it simply cover your living expenses, simply books, or it might be a one-time award of an amount of money.

If you are awarded any type of scholarship, take it! They are wonderful gifts and you should feel honored to receive one. If you try hard enough and do your research, you are likely to find at least one or two that match your interest and qualifications. And if you have much patience and time and follow the right steps, you will find (and get) a scholarship for you!