BINUS International Office

Their Testimonial

Nurain Binti Baki, International Business
University Technology MARA (UiTM), Malaysia (Fall 2014)

When I first started my study in BINUS, I experienced a bit of a culture shock because of the different study and living atmosphere and environment. Yet overall, BINUS is a great university with good facilities and accommodation (BINUS SQUARE). Indonesia is a wonderful country with various cultures and ethnicities. They have wonderful places that Malaysia surely doesn’t have. I will be back soon!
I would like to thank everyone who was involved in the exchange program. I would never forget my every single moment in Indonesia, whether good or bad. Good luck, everyone. Salam 2 jari!

Amal Wafa, International Business
University Technology MARA (UiTM), Malaysia (Fall 2014)

First of all, I would like to thank UiTM, AIMS and BINUS for this exchange opportunity. I am glad that I’ve been surrounded by good friends and nice people, not just the staff or students but also the street food “Mas” (vendors), drivers, receptionists and many more. I couldn’t be more thankful for the chance to study from international lecturers. I was also surprised that I managed to perform well in class, thanks to the lecturers who were so kind to share their knowledge. I never regret coming here. I’m sure I’ll miss everything so much! I love BINUS and Jakarta :)

Fatin, International Business
University Technology MARA (UiTM), Malaysia (Fall 2014)

I wasn’t really enjoying my time when I first arrived in Jakarta. I missed home so much. Even though the food and the people were great, I still couldn’t get over my homesickness. Then I met the iBuddies such as Yohanes, Gio and Brian who were very kind, friendly and helpful to me and others. With my new friends around, I started to love Jakarta and enjoy my new life here. I totally love the people here! Dear iBuddies, you rock! :D And good luck!
Honestly, I love the IO team. They were so kind, helpful and cooperative. Dear IO team, I wish everyone good luck in the future and success in every single thing you do. All the best to you too!

Sander Besselink, Marketing
HAN University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands (Fall 2014)

My time in Indonesia was amazing! I had a great time living in BINUS SQUARE. I met many different people and I will miss all of them. Jakarta may not be the best city to live in, but the people I met made it amazing. I travelled a lot during my time in Indonesia. I have seen amazing places, met a lot of people and tried the Indonesian food. I love Bali especially, Yogyakarta and Thousand Islands. I will not miss the traffic jam, the pollution and the slow internet. What I will miss are the people I met, the places I visited, the food and the cultures. I will miss Indonesia! Bye, and see you soon.

Danique Sophie Reith, Communication
Saxion University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands (Fall 2014)

I had the time of my life in Indonesia. Not only did I fall in love with Jakarta, but also with everything about Indonesia. During my exchange here, I was able to visit so many places. I’ve been to Sumatera, Lombok, Bali, Yogyakarta, Surabaya and many more. I’d never met such friendly people in my life before until I came to Indonesia. I will miss that for sure. I also learned to be happier and more thankful with what I have got. The best thing I did was giving my clothes to the poor people near BINUS SQUARE, and they were so happy. Yes, the food is amazing! Though internet and traffic jam can be bad, it is part of what shapes Jakarta. And I quite like the busyness of everyone.

Jaron Kwast, Marketing
University of Twente, the Netherlands (Fall 2014)

My study abroad experience has been a total success and I was very sad to leave Indonesia. The university helped me to become more professional when giving presentations in front of people. My travel experience gave me valuable lesson to appreciate things other than my academic life.
The cultural experience has been amazing! The best experience was travelling to Bali, Yogyakarta, Thousand Islands, and Bogor with the iBuddy community and my exchange friends from all over the world. Besides that, I really got to like Indonesian cuisine. That’s why I will definitely come back someday! I am already looking forward to it.

Joris Julien Benoit Peressinotti, Business Management (BBS)
Burgundy School of Business, France (Fall 2014)

It was really interesting to have a different way of learning in another country. I really loved working with the students in the graduate classes. They were really interesting. Thanks to my kind classmates, I got to know a lot of people.
BINUS SQUARE is a good place for exchange students to meet other students from other majors and countries. It was easy to make friends living in BINUS SQUARE despite coming to Indonesia alone.
We don’t get to know much about Indonesia in Europe. It was such a pleasant surprise to discover so many interesting things totally different from my country when I arrived here: the culture, food, religions, places, history and so on.
I don’t have one best experience as I enjoyed everything I did here. I will miss my friends, the food and all the places I visited.

Panuphong Suntimunin, Marketing
University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, Thailand (Fall 2014)

This exchange program was an amazing experience for me. I’ve got one thing that changed my life; that is friendship. I really love my Indonesian friends. They took care of me and we had a great time when we hung out together. The program helped me learn better, making my study experience a great one.
Overall, Indonesia is a great country, with lots of awesome places. I love the food, the culture and the girls. My best experience was coming here to represent Thailand, letting others know about Thai people and culture. The whole trip was really rewarding. I love Indonesia.

Emily Faye Pulley, Graphic Design and New Media
Truman State University, United State of America (Spring 2014)

My exchange experience was good. I enjoyed my stay in BINUS SQUARE and had an awesome roommate, named Noah. I like that we could meet other local and international students in BINUS SQUARE and make friends with them. The pool was great as well and I spent many nights hanging out, eating and talking there.
My impression of Jakarta is that it’s a very vibrant and lively city. There is traffic but it’s nice to be driven around and it’s always easy to catch a taxi. I felt a bit like a celebrity being a “bule” and became more aware of how I might stand out as an individual.
The best experience was traveling around because everywhere I went was different. It was always a new experience. I will miss all the nice people I have met and the tasty food so much. I have really enjoyed this experience.

Sanga Olly Dolfina Sipahelut, Communication
HAN University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands (Spring 2014)

BINUS UNIVERSITY is a great place for studying abroad. I had an amazing time staying in Indonesia. There are of course cultural differences; however, I learned so much during this time not only in the university but also outside of it. I learned about Indonesian culture, language and habits. I also saw amazing places and met so many lovely people. I had a wonderful time. This was all because of the helpful people at BINUS International Office and BINUS SQUARE. When I did not know what to do, there was always someone with an answer. My best experience was making new friends from all over the world and I would definitely come back to Indonesia.

Sandy Pei Ying Koh, International Business
HAN University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands (Spring 2014)

Before coming to Indonesia, I had no expectations at all. After the past few months, I can say that I have learned a lot, not only academically but also socially.
Being around international students from all over the world and spending time with local students at BINUS SQUARE was my favorite part of the experience.
Apart from that, Indonesia is a nice place to travel and of course, the food was awesome. I have no regrets choosing Indonesia as my study abroad destination. I truly enjoyed my stay!

Margaux LE Roy, International Business
Burgundy School of Business, France (Spring 2014)

Once I arrived in Jakarta on 17 February 2014, I knew right away that it would be an exciting experience. “Wonderful Indonesia” is totally right. I visited so many amazing places. My favorite one was Ubud (Bali) for its exoticism. What I also liked about Indonesia were the people who were always there when you needed them. Of course, the Indonesian food was amazing too. Sadly, time flied quickly. I will bring back home all those great memories

Nakyoung Ha, International Business
Dong-A University, South Korea (Spring 2014)

I am very shy and nervous when I meet someone at the first time. Yet, I could make friends with many of the international students here. I went on a trip with five international friends, cooked with all exchange students and played ping-pong with friends. It was a very nice and impressive experience. I am very happy for everything I had in Jakarta. Thank you.

Valentin Andre Georges Bully, Marketing
Burgundy School of Business, France (Spring 2014)

My semester in Indonesia was amazing. I found what I wanted: a country with a different culture and mentality from Europe. Everything was different and I enjoyed it a lot. People were very welcoming and helpful.
With Jakarta as the starting point, I visited many places in Indonesia and Asia. It was my first experience in Asia so I wanted to travel a lot. I went to Bali, Sumatera, Yogyakarta, Bangkok, Phuket, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.
At JWC Campus, everything was done very well to help exchange students with the study. The lecturers were very nice, as well as the local students.

Emilie Jeannine Edith Cauchy, Marketing
ESC Rennes School of Business, France (Spring 2014)

I think I really made a good choice to come to Indonesia because I found this country really amazing. I discovered lots of things about the food, the culture, places and landscapes. I really think when I go back to France; the country will seem boring and not so dynamic. The people that you meet here will be there for you during the exchange program and friendships can form really fast. It was an amazing experience that I want to have again if I could.