BINUS International Office

Lowe Indonesia

Lowe Indonesia has been the largest agency in Indonesia for the past 32 years and currently employs 300 passionate talents providing integrated communication service to our clients. We believe size does matter as we need diverse pool of talents to work with varying clients and marketing challenges.

We have the privilege to work on some of the most iconic brands and along the way, have earned accolades for our creativity and effectiveness. Lowe Indonesia has been recognized as the country’s Leading FMCG Expert that excels in Social Re-Engineering through our provision of High Value Ideas and Effective Engagement strategies.

We like building powerful ideas that engage the many not the few. Using laser-like analysis of the core problem and brilliant insight into contemporary culture, we create enduring ideas that change behaviour on and offline.

It’s the greatest service we can offer a client, creating an enduring popular idea that solves a business problem, crosses channels and can work across borders. We call our ability to shape and share engaging ideas Populist Creativity.

We have an abundance of talent in our network, spanning every communications discipline from advertising, digital, CRM, retail marketing, entertainment, interactive design, rural marketing and more. We’re also proud of our great diversity and local cultural knowledge.

But every client is different, so rather than you fit us, we fit you. We hand pick the most relevant talent from around the globe to create bespoke teams or ‘Idea Communities’. Supported by contemporary communications, they collaborate seamlessly to transform our clients’ businesses.