BINUS International Office

Frequently Asked Questions

I have no idea what college I’m going to attend. Can I still apply for a scholarship?
Yes. Some scholarships do not require Letter of Acceptance or finalized college plans. However, the earlier you know your dream college, the more comprehensive your future plans will be.

Is there any fee I should pay?
You should not pay a fee. However, if you win a scholarship, sometimes you have to pay for handling fee. But the amount is usually not more than $5. Make sure the sponsor and all information are legitimate.

I didn’t win a scholarship. What should I do?
First, if you are persistent and still qualified, you can always apply again (and again) next year. Improve your academic achievement, get more experience in work or other activities, write better essay; essentially, send stronger application next time around. Second, you should apply for other scholarships. There thousands of scholarships offered every year.

Can I lose my scholarship once it’s been awarded?
Yes. The renewable scholarships have requirements for you to keep the award, such as the scholar should maintain a certain GPA. If you win a scholarship, ask the sponsor what you need to do to maintain the award.

What is a renewable scholarship?
Renewable scholarships are scholarships that should be renewed frequently. Unless the scholar is no longer qualified, this scholarship can be I’m a college student. Can I apply for scholarships? Yes. There are thousands of scholarships for students in college, offered by the college or university, companies, foundations, individuals, or else.

I don’t have perfect grades. Should I still apply?
Yes. Many scholarships are based on other criteria besides grades, such as leadership, achievement in sports, skills and talents in arts, and so on. And you know what, even for scholarships that are based on grades, oftentimes they are not the most important factor.

Do I really have to write essay?
If the sponsor asks you to write essay, write it! Essays are the best way for the sponsor to get to know you beyond your grades or test scores. Essays are also the best way for you to sell yourself and stand out other applicants. Instead of essay, some scholarships require you to submit project or portfolio, such as a record of your dance or an original music composition of yours.

I think my parents are financially supportive. Can I still win a scholarship?
Of course. You can apply for merit-based scholarships. This type of scholarship is based on academic or extracurricular achievements. your parents’ income is not a factor for merit-based scholarships.

I feel like I’ve applied for countless scholarships with zero results. What should I do?
Winning scholarships is a numbers game; the more you apply, the better your chance of actually winning. So, see the tips and tricks how to get a scholarship and don’t give up!
Try all opportunities that are matched your interest and qualifications. Do not skip over scholarships with small amount. Let’s say you need $10,000 for college. Instead of targeting on a scholarship worth $10,000, you can apply for several scholarships with smaller amount. If you win several $500 scholarships, that can really add up.