BINUS International Office


  1. I am an international student, can I register online?
    Yes, if you are an international student and would like to apply for full degree program. Please go to to register online.
  2. How do I apply for Study Abroad or Student Exchange program at BINUS?
    In order to apply for student exchange or study abroad program at BINUS, you will need to fill out Study Abroad Application Form and submit it to BINUS International Office.
  3. What is the language of instruction?
    At BINUS International, English is the main language of instruction.
  4. Is BINUS an international school?
    No. We are a National Plus School that offers an international curriculum.
  5. What are the requirements to get into BINUS University or BINUS International?
    To get into BINUS University and BINUS International there are certain criterias that need to be fulfilled. Please visit BINUS University Requirements link and BINUS International Requirements link to see the list of entry requirements.
  6. What are the courses offered at BINUS University and BINUS International?
    To see the courses offered at BINUS University, please visit this link. While you can visit BINUS International courses to see the list offered in BINUS International.
  7. What are the application deadlines to get into BINUS International?
    Please visit here to see the important dates for registration.
  8. What about lodging?
    BINUS Square is available for student’s lodging. For more info regarding BINUS Square please visit BINUS Square Website.