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Tomas Bata University

Tomas Bata University in Zlín – (TBU) is a progressive university, open to all new ideas. Its six faculties offer their 13,500 students the possibility of studying a wide range of disciplines. More than 700 international students from four continents study at Tomas Bata University. Also academic and research staff includes international experts. One of the essential parts of the University’s activities is research and development. TBU is a member of numerous international organizations. Its membership in the European University Association, which associates over 800 universities from 46 countries in Europe, is one of the most prestigious ones. The University has also signed the Magna Charta Universitatum of Bologna.

TBU has a high-quality information technology network. All University buildings have Internet access, including a Wi-Fi connection. 2,870 computers are connected to the university computer network, 1,350 of these are located in computer rooms and Internet student rooms. The University’s workplaces are all in modern premises. TBU has developed successful cooperation not only with prominent Czech architects but also with Prof. Eva Jiricna, a world-renowned architect, who was born in Zlín. The equipment and infrastructure of the workplaces meets the standards set for European universities. The University’s premises are located in the centre of Zlín. Although the buildings are not situated within one complex, it does not take longer than ten minutes to walk from one building to another.

Library services

For students and staff of the University as well as others interested, there is a modern library. Almost 100,000 books, hundreds of magazines, about 25,000 e-periodicals, and about 60 available databases are important information resources. The Library offers more than 500 connections with network access for laptop users. The TBU Library is listed on the prestigious website among 64 best contemporary European libraries.

Meals Plan
Catering services for students and staff are provided by two refectories and a restaurant. The quality of the food served and the equipment used are of the highest standard.

Student accommodation is available in the TBU Halls of Residence, in single, double and triple rooms with a kitchenette and full sanitary facilities. All the Halls of Residence buildings are located near the educational buildings. The rooms have network access and all the buildings offer computer rooms with Internet access. The capacity of the Halls of Residence is 700 access points.

TBU offers 172 accredited degree courses within 89 accredited degree programmes across the following study areas:

  1. Economics and Management
  2. Finance and Accounting
  3. Materials Engineering
  4. Process Engineering
  5. Footwear and Leatherware Technologies
  6. Food Technology
  7. Environmental Protection
  8. Population and Property Protection
  9. Information and Computer Technology
  10. Communications and Media
  11. Visual Arts
  12. Education and Pedagogy
  13. Health Studies
  14. Philology

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