BINUS International Office

Visa Information

Most countries require a visa for long-term residency and study. The information given on this page is general and functions as guidance only. Please contact the embassy of your destination country before applying for a visa. They will be able to provide you with the current prices and information about the application procedure.


Students must keep in mind that the visa procedures vary from country to country. In most cases, students have to take care of their visa-related matters before leaving Indonesia, and if needed, update or extend the visa at the destination. If any special conditions arise, we suggest you contact the embassy of the country because the visa procedures are most often case-specific and may change quite often.

Check the latest updates on the application procedures and opening hours of the embassy from the embassy websites or by calling the embassy directly. Embassies are open except on the public and religious holidays of the country they represent, as well as the holidays of the country they are located in (Indonesia).

With a student visa, there are specific regulations of working part-time which differ between countries. You are encouraged to do research on own to find out more about it. It is highly important that you comply with the rules.

Some embassies do not accept visa applications by mail so the applicant must go to the embassy. If you cannot visit the embassy in person, in some cases you can assign a third party to do it for you, for example: travel agencies or relatives.