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Rendy Rinaldo: Student Ambassadors for ASEAN Project at Prince of Songkla University, Thailand

My Thailand Story
Rendy Rinaldo, Information Systems
Student Ambassadors for ASEAN Project at Prince of Songkla University, Thailand (Spring 2015)

Thank God for in my last year of university, I finally had the chance to taste what international experience by going abroad was really like. It was my first time in Phuket and to join this kind of program – Student Ambassador Project for ASEAN held by Price of Songkla University (PSU), Phuket. It is indeed one of the best experiences I have ever had!!

All the Delegates and IAC (International Affairs Center) Staff

As a first-timer, I was incredibly excited and nervous at the same time, thinking whether I’d be able to fit in and get along with others. Yet every single thing in the program turned out to be enjoyable: the Thai language class, “Bao Loy” cooking class, intercultural communication session, excursions, food and obviously meeting other fellow student ambassadors from different countries.

Thai Class with Ajarn Adul

One of the most interesting aspects of the program was learning about the cultures of our neighboring countries. Since I was in Phuket for 5 days, I had direct exposure to Thai Culture. I was impressed by the friendliness of Thai people. They don’t hesitate to give wai (Thai greetings by putting palms together, followed by a slight bow) to strangers at all.

All of the delegates doing wai

Each moment of the entire program is priceless. So is the relationship that was formed during the program. A BIG SHOUT-OUT to PSU (IAC – International Affairs Center Staff and Ajarn) for believing in me and giving me the opportunity, BINUS IO for all the assistance, and last but not least, all fellow student ambassadors. Pomrakpuakkoon (I love you guys)!! Khobkunkrup (thank you) for everything!

BINUS Delegation (from left to right: Yohanes Sidi, Jufery and me)

P.S. I encourage everyone to travel and get international experience while you can. Trust me. It’s worth it!!