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Millasari Tanjung: Exchange at Inha University, South Korea

Following My Exchange Dream
Millasari Tanjung, Accounting and Information Systems
Exchange at Inha University, South Korea (Spring 2013 & Fall 2014)

Celebrating our Finnish friend’s birthday

I have heard about the Student Exchange Program since the beginning of my study in BINUS UNIVERSITY. However, I was not confident enough to join at the time. The other reason was financial matter. I did not give up easily though. I worked part-time to take some burden off my parents. My hard work paid off when I was offered Global Korean Scholarship to study in Inha University in my third year. It gave me the chance to expand my knowledge and make friends from all over the world.

Meeting new people with different cultural backgrounds made me realized it was not easy to socialize and find best friends. But it gave me the chance to learn new things, understand multicultural issues, and view the world with different perspectives. I had never taken any Korean language class, so I couldn’t speak Korean at first. Yet, I was lucky that my Japanese roommates taught me Korean so I was able to communicate in Korean since then. This was undeniably my best experience in my university life. Not only did I make new friends, but I also found a family.

Joyful moment with my Japanese roommates in Suwon and Jeonju

Aside from the language, I also learned the way they lived, their mindset to have a better life, and so on. South Korea amazed me with their technology advances! Unlike in Indonesia, we could even pay with credit cards in small restaurants. They also had special bell to call the waiters. In South Korea, part time jobs are very common among young people. It was fun because I met a lot of people and made some good pocket money.

My Vietnamese friend and me (at my part time workplace in Itaewon)

Based on my experience, I believe that student exchange program is the best experience a student can have during university life. I suggest you to grab the chance and experience this meaningful program. You will meet lots of friends from all over the world, make a new family, gain valuable knowledge, and unforgettable experience. Everyone has his or her own dream, and I’m so lucky to have followed mine.