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Kelvin Hamkaputera: Exchange at Burgundy School of Business, France

Kelvin Hamkaputera, International Business
Exchange at Burgundy School of Business, France (Fall 2012)

The school was great; the people were friendly, especially the school staffs. They were all so nice that although some of them could not speak English very well, they were really eager to help us during our difficulties. The lecturers were also pretty competent and professional, so it was a great learning opportunity.

The city itself, Dijon, is lovely. You can go from one end to the other end of the city just by walking around 2 – 3 hours only. As in how small cities are, unlike Paris, they came with really friendly folks. Most of the people who live in Dijon are elderly or old adults, as well as university students. But, during the university break, the town is pretty much empty.

The unpleasant things that happened to us were only how the homeless and drunk people were pretty much everywhere at night and they could cause some discomfort. Other than that, I enjoyed living and going to school in Dijon, because it is a small city that has everything you need (except Indonesian food, hahaha). Yet the food there was not bad, especially the kebab! 

The experiences I got from the exchange program were priceless. It was a really great opportunity, beyond what I could express through words. It was amazing!