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Michelle Sumardi, Marketing
Intercultural Leadership Camp (ILC) at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand (Dec 2012)

I am always excited to join study abroad program and once I got the chance, I tried my luck. Thank God, the opportunity came! What interesting about ILC is that it is about leadership and it is held in New Zealand, a place where I have never travelled before. The program provided new insight of leadership and responsibility as a human being especially on how to share responsibility through carefulness in global world. I have gained knowledge and understanding and have learnt leadership and culture from a priceless program. I also learned the history of Maori people, the indigenous group. Fun time was also available for the participants – visit to Te Papa Museum, Weta Cave where New Zealand movie museum is located. I could feel the excitement and togetherness of supporting Hobbits on the streets and tasted delicious local fruit and chimney cake. I lived pretty well in Wellington and am keeping the memory of my stay. If the right time comes, the next step is to do the right thing! Kiora ^^

Olivia Christina, Management
AIMS Exchange at Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia (2012)

It is such an honor to win a scholarship from the Indonesian Government. The first time I heard about this scholarship program, I immediately sent my application because this is the kind of life experience that I really wanted to get. And I got it! Thanks to Binus University who has granted me this great opportunity. I went to Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia for one semester. It was such an unforgettable experience! Getting a scholarship is cool, but living together with people from diverse background was even cooler! I never expected it would be that nice. During my exchange, I gained international experience – a new way of learning and achievement. I joined some competition such as Dance Competition and Modeling Competition, and I was awarded Miss Photogenic! It is very nice, don’t you think? I also learned to have fun during my study period. It is nice to live in a new country where almost every weekend I went somewhere with my friends, exploring Penang! I managed to explore Malaysia and Thailand as well and it was amazing to learn a new culture. Last but not least, it also gives me a new diverse family. So, if you still have a doubt about joining this program, I tell you now, no need to think twice, simply apply!! I did it, I know you can too ;). I am proud to be able to represent Indonesia in Malaysia, and again big thanks to Binus University :D

  Yos Steven, Management
Mahidol University International College, Thailand (Sept – Dec 2012)

One of my dreams when I was in high school is now achieved ! Feel so Thankful and Blessed ! Thank you so much, Binus University ! Such an opportunity that gave me a lifetime experience that not every people can get this experience easily. It needs hard work and Thanks God, now it’s paid off ! I joined the AIMS (Asean International Mobility for Students) program and got scholarship from the DIKTI. The Exchange experience to Mahidol University International College (MUIC) was Amazing ! Same quote like the “Amazing Thailand”. A very high quality education and open for International exchange every trimester, MUIC was the third best University in South East Asia based on the QS Ranking 2011 University in Southeast Asia. Most of the exchange student comes from the America & Europe Region, and I never imagine to study with them in a same room, live in the same place, study together, hang out together, speaking English everyday, sharing culture, cooking together, playing together, help each other, one word “AMAZING”!! I’m very sure the experiences I got from this exchange program would be really useful in my future and therefore I really recommended this program to all of the Binus students to try this opportunity even though at the first time it’s quite difficult, but trust me it’s WORTH IT !

  Jeane Rooseline, Computerized Accounting
Winter Course at Fujian Normal University, China (Dec 2012)

Joining the winter course in Fujian Normal University, Fuzhou, China is one of the greatest moments in my life! Study in China is one of my dreams since I was in junior high school. Through Binus IO & Chinese Language Department of Binus, I can achieve one of my dreams. Thanks to Binus IO & Chinese Language Department of Binus for this amazing opportunity! It was an unforgettable experience. I stayed there just for 2 weeks. Honestly, on the first week I can’t adapt well with the environment and culture. And, I really wanted to go home. But, on the second week I thought the time went so fast, because I already adapted with the environment and culture. Finally, when I went back to Indonesia, I really miss Fuzhou and all of the people there. And I want to go to Fuzhou one day.
In Fuzhou, I learned Chinese language, culture, film, music, Kungfu, and all about China. One of my favorite things is the class of Chinese language was so fun! The lecture wasn’t just a lecture, but become our friend. We had a great time together. I also got many new friends from all over the world. I become more confident, brave, and independent than before. When I had a space time, I usually went to Xuesheng Jie (Student street) with my friends which is near from dormitory and campus. At Xuesheng Jie, we can found anything sold. So, it’s time for shopping! I practiced my language skill and the soft skills. One is my favorite things there is the sellers. The sellers which is the local people were very kind to me. When I wanted to go back to Indonesia, I said to them. And, what a surprise! They gave me a gift! ^^I thought, they just said, “Okay, take care ya”. But, they gave me a gift. Oooohh, so sweet ^^ I really love them, I really want to go to Fuzhou again! I also did many crazy things with my friends, and that’s an unforgettable moment.
There’s also a school near our dormitory. The children were very cute, and I love them so much! I also had a trip to many places in Fuzhou, such as Panda World, Fuzhou Forest Park, Lin Ze Xu Museum, Three Lanes and Seven Alleys. Before I went to Fuzhou, I really love Panda. I want to see Panda live. And, I was so excited that I saw Panda there! The panda were very cute. So, the most unforgettable things in Fuzhou are the local people, Xuesheng jie, my friends who have studied there, the lectures, the children, and panda. Joining this winter course gave me such an opportunity to gain my soft skills and know myself better than before. And the last, I want to say that I’m proud to be Indonesian and to be Binusian! :)

  Niko Fanbasten, Management
Intercultural Leadership Camp (ILC), Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand (Dec 2012)

After the opportunity to do short course and a-year student exchange program in South Korea, which I could describe as a life-changing experience, well, my journey didn’t just stop right there. In December 2012, I was chosen to be a delegation to represent Binus University in “Intercultural Leadership Camp”, which was held by Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand. One interesting fact about NZ is to be said the population of sheep is 10 times bigger than human population. “Kia Ora!” Well, welcome to NZ! J Having lived and studied for quite short amount of time in Wellington, a.k.a “Coolest Little Capital in the World” a.k.a Windy Wellington or “Wellywood”, I’ve learned and experienced a lot in this adventurous journey, from the well-known home production of movies (Lord of the Rings, Avatar, The Hobbits, you name it) in The Weta Cave, the strong coffee culture, the laid-back routine, the constantly-weather-change, having the chance to get to know “the Kiwis” and establish international network, learning new skills, theoretical and practical knowledge especially related to leadership from first-class lecturers, getting to know local culture, the culture of Maori and the history of New Zealand, having a chance to explore the city from the annual Christmas Parade, a visit to Indonesian Embassy, Te Papa Museum, Waterfront, Botanical Garden, Cuba St., the renowned Cable Car, Beehive -the popular parliament building and everything else.
Participating in internationalization programs, especially when the world is now at a phase where borders are not standing there anymore as a wall of obstacle for its global citizens so the ability of cross-cultural literacy is very much needed, has become a value-added for me as I can see myself growing in a better way. International exposure has provided me an opportunity to develop and enrich my competency-self in both hard and soft skills, to experience the unexpected, to see the world, expand and establish my international network to have friends from every corner of the world, and broaden my horizon and perspective to prepare myself as youth and future leader to represent the nation and even the world, aside from my dream to be a world traveler and adventurer. I still have so much to learn in every step of the way. This, I believe, is just a beginning of what’s more to come and I’m ready to achieve my dreams, build my future, and conquer the world! :)

  Ivany Angelia, Accounting
Mahidol University International College, Thailand (Sept – Dec 2012)

What a journey this has been! There are so many people to thank. First, I am so grateful to Binus University, Binus International Office and the host university who have stood by me throughout this program for giving me the opportunity to learn not only about countries and cultures but also to gain experiences, learn language and meet many people who made me feel so welcoming and happy and for being there every single step of the way. I have had fun everyday and learned so much. I have had all of these awesome opportunities for the space to learn and grow and have changed my perspective on life. Last but not the least my deepest thanks go to everyone at the Binus International Office. I would not make it without all your support that gave me positive energy whenever I needed it most that means so much to me. You are forever part of my family. I would never forget the amazing support that have enriched my heart forever. Be Happy.

  Devina Natasya Wibisono, Information Systems & Management
English and Australian Culture Short Course 2012, Southern Cross University, Australia

Thank you so much Binus IO.. :) I had a good time in Australia, made me thinking different and good experience for me. The accommodation was good, the weather little bit cold but that’s ok.. hehe and my house mom just very kind, every weekend we went to markets, and the last week we went to the beach together, I have learned a lot from her. And it was fun when we took a walk for going home and we pass some rainforest, sometimes we saw some koala or walibi. The class was comfortable and i will never ever forget the moments with my new friends in SCU. The teachers were so friendly, they were very helpful. Every Wednesday we had an excursion which is going to some interesting places :

  • Week 1 : visited currumbin {got photos with koala}.
  • Week 2 : visited elementary school (played with students) and had a lunch in outdoor barbeque.
  • Week 3 : Monday night had an overnight at ballina, next day we went to lighthouse and saw some whales & dolphins.
  • Week 4 : visited High school and had a lunch in outdoor barbeque.

And we had sweet escape in last 2 weeks before we back to Indonesia, we had Friday off to going to movie world in Gold Coast. And now I miss every moment in Australia. Someday somehow, i will back to Australia.

  Giovanni, International Marketing
Inha Summer School 2012, Korea

I got unforgettable memories when I joined Inha Summer School Program never I thought before because I got many experience to development myself, new friends from another country and culture shock experience. I join this short course because when academic orientation our Head of International Marketing Department said we must have international experience such short course or student exchange and learn from other country since the world become borderless and influence from country to country or cultures to cultures is inevitable. I choose Korea to destination short course because I want to learn Korea directly from its original source rather than from magazines, video or internet. Not only see from that publication but breathe in Korea, taste the original Korea food, and feel the atmosphere what I watch in drama Korea so I joined summer school. 3 weeks in Korea I can got some unique experience like I can shopping CD music, cosmetic for friends, and watch concert with cheaper price, sometime with friends we can call dongsaeng for younger, noona for older girl, and hyung for older men it’s a some traditional Korea for respect to the other, tried using traditional Korean dress (hanbok), hunting traditional food from korea such as kimchi, topokki, bibimbap or traditional rice wine (makgeoli), went to famous location drama Korea Changdeokgung Palace drama location for secret garden and rooftop prince, went to Cube Cafe and luckily I met singer from 4 minutes, and learned Korean culture from museum folk museum and palace. In summer school I got new friends such as from USA, Russia, Korea, or Japan and you can learn something from them such as culture, language, or habit. In the summer school program I can learn many things such as Korean language from native speaker and I can immediately practice with the local resident such as order food, ask street direction, and shopping. I can learn business in Korea direct from professor-professor who teaches at Inha University and I can have friend who helped professor teach me. I always remember when professor who teach Korean culture professor Koh Young Hun always call my name because I’m very interactive in class and he help me to understand culture in Korea such as Korean wave, traditional food, and folklore. Thank you to BINUS International Office for the summer school program to give me international experience and it really is the right choice to study and develop myself.

  Ignathea, English Department
Inha Summer School 2012, Korea

My experiences during the summer course were so variable, but I’ll sum everything up in this message. In the summer course, I learn so many things, I did something stupid, I made mistakes, I made friends, I went through happy moments as well as the sad one. It’s the first time I join a program like that and honestly, not all the things I did, I did it right. I was so slow at first to understand that to make a lot of international friends, I had to approach them, be friendly, and can’t expect to be approached. I was slow to understand this and realized it a quite late. But, this lesson has changed my mind. Now, I’m so motivated to study abroad, because it is really fun to meet people from so many country, to see their way of thinking, their habits and culture. My way of thinking, before and after I went through this program has been changed. I felt like I have seen the "world". I feel like I’ve become more mature than before because I have to learn about people a lot of time. It is so true that when joining this course we have to completely be ourselves. I learn a lot about myself too, I don’t know how, I just know myself better than before. I can identify what’s important for me, what I like and dislike, even the way I dress, and my personality. It feels so great to join this program! And I already miss all the things there in this whole week. And one more thing, during this course, I learn it well to really really value every moment that I have! I feel like the program ends really fast and I’m still left with things that I didn’t take the chance to do. This has encouraged me even more to correct my mistakes in the future. I become so grateful too of the choices I made in the past, for the time that I use well. I feel now I really have to live up to this quote: "Live life and do things like it’s your last." It becomes so meaningful to me. Thanks to summer course that open my eyes about this.

Jessica, English Department
Inha Summer School 2012, Korea

One of the reasons why I chose BINUS as my university because it advertised about its opportunity to make the students to be internationalized. I guess everyone has a dream to study abroad to gain both knowledge and self-development learning through the process of cultural diversity, including me. My dream has finally been realized. This July 2012, I went to South Korea to join a summer school program which lasted for 3 weeks at Inha University, Incheon. 3 weeks is not a long period of time, but it has given me so many precious experiences that I never had before. Having classes at one of the universities in South Korea, experiencing a cultural diversity which has broadened my mind than before, having new friends, and enjoying the excitement of South Korea, especially Seoul are unforgettable things during my staying there.  Since I like to learn about language, it was so great to find that I could attend a Korean language class with a native Korean lecturer, together with other new friends who came from other countries. I could vividly feel how excited it was to learn a language in its origin country. Although it was just a basic learning, but it has encouraged me to learn more about it. Moreover, the experience of the cultural diversity gave me a lesson to place myself appropriately according to the environment where I stay around. It doesn’t mean that you can’t be yourself, but you just have to put a little effort to adapt well. This process of adaptation can also make you understand others and yourself better. Meeting new people and having new friends are the other things which are so interesting. We could share experiences and had fun together. Last but not least, I really had a great time to enjoy the enchantment of Seoul. I visited many attractive and beautiful places, tried much Korean authentic food, and spent our time for shopping. It was also clean and safe there, so we didn’t have to worry about them and just enjoyed our summer holiday in South Korea. I would like to thank God for His blessing, my parents for giving me their support, BINUS University and the International Office for providing not only an opportunity of studying abroad, but also a scholarship to me.    All of those great moments remind me to enjoy and be grateful for what I have now, not what I want to have in the future. As time can’t be rewind, just take the opportunity once you find it and enjoy it to the most.
Susan Kristiani, Management
Never once did I ever imagine that I would step my feet on the land of South Korea as a… STUDENT!
When I heard from my friend that BINUS offered an exchange program for their students, I submitted an application without much thinking. Initially applying for student exchange to Malaysia, I ended up being sent to South Korea with scholarship. As you know, for the past few years, South Korea has been named a dream country for many people, particularly Indonesian teenagers; part of the success could be attributed to its worldwide-acknowledged Hallyu stars, not to mention that this highly developed country is one of the four Asian Tigers. I may not be a K-Poper, but definitely a die-hard fan of Korean dramas. My heart jumped with excitement when I finally received a scholarship acceptance e-mail. I could not be happier!
It was a fantastic experience living in DaeJeon, a city located in the center of the country or less than an hour away from Seoul if you take a high speed train. I spent my sixth semester in SolBridge International School of Business. There I met students and lecturers representing tens of nationalities and became acquainted with various cultures. To me they were very inspiring, such awesome friends. I was amazed to see their passions, hard works and organized lives. I saw how they lived and thus learned to understand myself better: what I was lacking and how to be a better person. I gained numerous personal and academic values, especially interpersonal, language and decision-making skills.In addition, there was a great range of activities: debate, dance, newsletter, sports, and even international-scale projects such as a chance to presentour ideas in a global forum held in SolBridge. I also learned how to love Indonesia more. Through a number of cultural activities, I experienced how difficult it was to master a traditional dance or to cook certain traditional food. Surprisingly some Koreans even showed great interests in Indonesia. I feel so proud to be an Indonesian, yay!
Studying abroad offered me invaluable life experiences. I am really thankful to God and BINUS for giving me this opportunity. It’s your turn now. Ready to grab it?
Levina Ferni, Accounting
The first time I read "Be what you want to be with BINUS UNIVERSITY" on the binus’ cover folder, I doubted that statement. However, I have proven it to be true because Binus has given me opportunities to study abroad twice. The first time was when I was in the 4th semester. I went to Solbridge International School of business, South Korea, for a student exchange program. Now, for the 2nd time, in my 7th semester, BINUS helped me to make my big dream to study in the USA came true. I got accepted in another student exchange program in Indiana State University.
My experience joining for student exchange program was so amazing. I’ve never expect, I could study abroad, because now I am studying in BINUS University. BINUS really made my dreams come true as I was given these opportunities. That was my first experience living afar from my parents. But since I got the opportunity I’ve never feel afraid to experience life abroad. During my stay abroad, I always felt happy and excited, I adapted quickly. I have many friends from different country. We have different culture and point of view , but we can appreciate each other. Live in the same environment everyday made me closer to them. I also learned their culture and language, it was very interesting when we were hanging out together to spend the weekend. Until now I am still in contact with many friends and also with my professors. I am really grateful to God who blesses my life abundantly, my parents who always support everything that I do, and especially to BINUS UNIVERSITY who trusts me to introduce and bring BINUS’ name into the world.
Fransisco, Japanese Literature
My name is Fransisco Tantri Samara. Chiko for short. Currently I’m studying at 6th semester in Japanese Literature at BINUS University. Also the chairman of HIMJA (Himpunan Mahasiswa Sastra Jepang or Japanese Literature Student Council). The will to go to Japan, along with the need to broaden my connections worldwide, I participated in JENESYS (Japan – East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youth), competing with hundreds of students across the Indonesia, and finally managed to become one of the scholars.
JENESYS  is a program offered by the Japanese government to create and deepen the friendship between Japan and East-Asia nations,  focusing on youths as they will be future leaders who bear an important role for the generation. Each year, the Japanese government invites young people from ASEAN, Australia, Korea, China, and New Zealand to visit places connected to Japan’s politic, economy, and social systems. This year’s JENESYS was held on May 8 to 16, 2012 and a total of 70 students from across Indonesia will participate.
Peter Alexander, Computer Science
Thank God that I could be a part of JENESYS Programme 2012. Jenesys Programme is a student exchange scholarship program that is held by Japan government since 2007. JENESYS 2012 sent 70 selected college students from all over Indonesia. This program went on for eleven days, from 6th – 16th May 2012. During this program, we visited so many interesting sites – universities, museums, shrines, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – in cities of Tokyo, Chiba, Fukuoka, and Aichi. We had seminars and lectures from several professors of Kyushu Institute of Technology and Fukuoka Institute of Technology. We were also invited to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by the Minister of Foreign Affairs himself which was really an honor for us to be welcomed by such an influential person.
During our stay, we had learned a lot of new knowledge, value, and experience that we couldn’t get anywhere. We were impressed of Japanese culture and behavior. They were really kind and helpful. They tried to serve the best for other people even when they lack of English ability. Also, they were very punctual and respect others’ time. There are other good values that I can’t mention one by one here. But one certain thing is that Japan could be a great role model for world society to be a better generation.
We also got many new best friends and new families from this programme. We visited several universities there and got along with the students. They were really easy going and very welcoming to us. Also, we were having a home-stay activity with the society of Tagamori Village in Fukuoka. We met our host-parents and stayed for several days in their houses. They treated us as their own children and so did us treated them as our new parents in Japan.
Last, I want to tell my gratefulness to be a participant of JENESYS Programme 2012. It was a life changing and meaningful experience that I would never forgot for the rest of my life. Thank you so much to BINUS International Office for entrusting this programme to me. BINUS had so many programmes for its students to have such experience and it really is the right choice to study and develop yourself.