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Tarry Pratiwi, Computerized Accounting
I am Tarry Pratiwi, a student from Computerized Accounting, School of Information Systems. I joined a short course program to NTCU (National Taichung University) Taiwan in summer 2010. It was a very nice experience to learn many things about Taiwanese cultures. I learnt how to speak Chinese and how to make Chinese painting and calligraphy. I also experienced Chinese tea ceremony, martial art, folk sport, and dragon and lion dance, one of the most famous Chinese traditional art. They were all very interesting. I visited some historical places in Taiwan as well, such as Historic Town of Lukang, and National Palace Museum. The program lasts during 2 weeks.
After I came back to Indonesia, a friend of mine asked me to join the student exchange program. At first I didn’t have a lot of ideas about the program, and didn’t think of joining it. Then I decided to ask International Office for more details. They explained me about that program, and I decided to give it a try. After all the steps I took to fulfill the requirements, I was finally accepted. Solbridge Int’l School of Business has taught me many things academically and socially. I experienced new learning methods in Solbridge. The lessons there not only teach me about the materials in the books, but also the knowledge implemented in real life. The experience opened up my mind. The professors are very good. Many of them are American professors. With their own teaching style they encourage us to speak up and become more creative and initiative. Another thing I love the most by being there is having a lot of new friends from many different countries. It enables us to learn and share cultures to one another. It is also a good way to build network with people in this world. My friends and I often share our experiences, opinions, and views about many things. It was so nice getting along with them all, and we all still keep up with one another. Sometimes we meet some different things from their habits and views which probably are not common for us, but those differences make us realize that we all vary in cultures.
Another journey has waited. I got a scholarship from Japan Embassy for joining Jenesys program 2012. JENESYS stands for Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths. Jenesys is a program to promote students and youths exchange. The participants are those who are from ASEAN countries, Australia, China, India, New Zealand, and South Korea. The goal of the program itself is to build the network among the youths as the successors who will take important roles in their country. The program will be held on 8-16 May 2012. I was so excited to be involved for this program. I hope all the JENESYS participants will bridge a good relationship among the countries and be able to contribute for their country in the future.
Studying abroad has given me so many benefits which are precious and irreplaceable. For you guys who want to join any kind of study abroad programs, I recommend you to give a try. It is going to give you a lot of benefits for your future.
Widya Hapsari, Management
This exchanges program had gave me a lot of experiences and opportunity, not only for learning experience but also how to get along with other students around the world. MAHIDOL UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE (MUIC) is the one of the best university among ASEAN country. I am free to express my self, and  enjoy the several activities that belong to MU and MUIC. I think Thailand is a good place to live and study.
Niko Fanbasten,  Management
At first, I applied for the scholarship of a short course program that BINUS international office offered. I was totally ecstatic because that’s the chance to go abroad and study at the same time, just what I’ve always wanted.  Then, I was told that I have been nominated as a candidate to receive the student exchange scholarship to South Korea. I was unsure whether I should go for the interview since i wasn’t confident. But I understand that this might be a chance of a lifetime, so I do not want to miss it.  With the encouragement from family and friends I decided to try for it. When I received the news that I got a full scholarship for a semester in Korea, I was so happy, that words can’t describe how I felt. I felt like this was a step that could take me to another whole new level. And thus from now on, I should be confident to strive forward. Maybe there will be times when I’ll doubt myself, but in those moments I will remind myself to “Just take the first step in faith! You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step”. And my advice to all of you out there that want to try new things like applying for scholarship, fill in the form be yourself, and just believe in yourself to do the best!!
“I’ll spread my wings and I’ll learn how to fly.
I’ll do what it takes till I touch the sky.
Make a wish, take a chance,
Make a change, and break away.”
-Kelly Clarkson, Breakaway
Putrikanti Cahyaningrum,  Marketing Communication
I am really grateful I did not ignore the advertisement on desktop in laboratory, about the information of this camp. I also glad that I applied for it. I choose Taiwan, because I wanted to learn Chinese language. I made so many experiences there. First, I made friends with other people from different country. It is really exciting. Second, learning other cultures, and other languages, made me realized about so many cultures in this world. I really like it!
Taiwan made feel at home. It’s probably because of the people. They gave excellent hospitality, and are very friendly. Beside the activities set by University of Taichung, I do a little bit of exploring to get more experience. During my stay in Taiwan, I would say I do not have a single bad experience. Every single thing that I went through, I really enjoyed it thoroughly. The only bit difficulty that encounter there is finding halal food (since I don’t eat pork). There are very few Muslims people in Taiwan. Even to my surprise, there is only one mosque there. However to my delight, there are Indian or Indonesian restaurant that didn’t serve pork. But, this little bit of difficulty that I encountered was not such a big deal, since I have more blast than I can imagine. The camp is awesome! I am planning to apply for a scholarship for my master degree in Taiwan. However, before that I should improve my ability in Chinese language. I hope, next year I join in for another summer camp with Binus University again. Thank you very much! It’s an unforgettable experience. I get to keep contact with my friends in other countries. Love this camp! I miss my teacher, friends, dorm, and class. I truly had a great time!
Silvia Julinda, Information System
Getting an internship to work in IBM Toronto Software Lab is an amazing opportunity in my life since it is the largest software development laboratory in Canada. I am working for 16 months in the Quality Assurance department as Functional Verification Tester for DB2 products.
Working in IBM Canada Lab is a very challenging experience where I can be involved in the process of developing a new product release. The work environment at IBM Canada Lab is very unique and diverse. I get to have a lot of friends from many different countries and learn how to communicate and relate with people from different cultures.
Besides the diversity in IBM Canada Lab, I also work together in teams with other IBM employees in other countries, such as India and Ireland. Difference in time and place is not really an issue since we communicate frequently through conference calls. That way we can address problems that were found very quickly.
Even though I am only a student in this internship program, I am given the same trust, responsibility, and chance as any other employees. Having this kind of support really allows me to develop myself further. I also joined training to obtain DB2 certification from IBM.
I must thank BINUS for this huge opportunity which allowed me to work for IBM Canada Lab.
Helsa Caesari, Information System & Management
When I heard about this short course information, I was really curious so I went to the information session to hear more about it. At first I thought it was impossible because I don’t even have a passport, and I’ve never been abroad before. My English skill is not that good and there are too many things that make this opportunity seem impossible. But, I decided to give it a try. I filled out the application and all the required documents, took the interview and next thing I know I got the scholarship.
When I read the email notifying me that I will be going to Korea, I was delighted because this short course has make one of my dream come true and it was one of the best thing that have happened.
I never expect that I can get something like this before, but I get it now. This is just so amazing for me and I’m very grateful for everything.
So, guys if you have a dream, keep that dream alive. You’ll never know when you’ll get a chance to make your dream come true. I’m sure God will show you the way and if you are offered that chance grab that chance opportunity and do your best. Don’t ever think it was something impossible. Good luck!
Adi Putra Lim, Computer Science
On March 2010, I decided to go for a short course abroad which is under BINUS International Office management. I chose to study the summer program in KyungHee University, South Korea mainly to study Economics. To have spent my Summer 2010 to study in South Korea for one month was an amazing experience. I met people from various different country, culture and background. We shared knowledge, laugh and spend time together with respect to one another. And most of all, I learned a lot of new things both socially and academically.
To all Binusians fellow, I highly recommend you all to join any short course abroad that is available through Binus International Office. To me Short Course Abroad is priceless experiences for gaining knowledge and having lots of FUN at the same time! My tips to you all who have decided to join short course abroad, prepare your language skills well, especially English, it is very vital to socialize with everyone from different countries.
Erick Susanto Djatiwidjaja, Information System and Management
When I graduated from high school, there are many references from my friends about universities in Indonesia. But there’s just one university that is well-known for its Information Technology, which is BINUS University. BINUS provides many facilities for students to learn and develop themselves. It provides experienced lecturers, comprehensive library, sophisticated computer laboratories, scholarship programs, seminars from well-known speakers, active organizations, both full time and part time job vacancies, wireless internet throughout the campus, parking area, food court, and many other facilities. For now I work full time in Software Laboratory Center (SLC) BINUS UNIVERSITY as an Assistant Supervisor. I get lots of experience such as teaching as a lecturer, researching subjects related with IT, and management knowledge in organization. BINUS makes me realize that not only hard skill that is required for success, but soft skill also played important role to support our hard skill. With BINUS towards World Class University, we are prepared with many facilities support, experienced mentor, and many internationalization programs to support us to be excellent student in both soft skill and hard skill. So when we graduate, we will have high employability skill to face the future world and globalization. Thanks to BINUS University, I’m really proud to be a BINUSIAN.
Clarissa Tanurahardja, Information System
I am grateful for the opportunity to be an exchange student in SolBridge International School of Business, South Korea. For six months, I found inspiring life lessons.  In academic sides, the lecturers are open minded and felt like friends who you can talk to.  On social life, I found many warm friends from China, Philippines, Uzbekistan, South Korea, and 31 other different nations. We shared sad and good unforgettable moments together, especially because we lived at the same dormitory. Beyond cultural differences, respect, fun,and friendship among us were truly heartwarming life experiences. If you want to chase your dream, take a risk, because nothing is impossible if you want to make an effort.
Zulfanahri, Information System
“Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today”. I always dream to study abroad and have friends from all over the world. I got opportunity to get the scholarship from Korean Government to do my third semester as Exchange Student at SolBridge ‘International School of Business’ in Daejeon city, Korea for six months from August 2010 until February 2011. Thanks to Binus to provide the information and helped me to get this experience.
I am grateful to have this experience, because six months staying there was really wonderful life that I have ever had. I am really interested in Korean culture, and it was my opportunity to learn Korean language (Hangukmal) and the cultures. Besides, I got so many friends, which is the most important; we talk and share about everything. From this, I learn how different our cultures are and we can understand each other. Also, having many friends from different countries makes advantage for us to have international network.  Although now we are in different places, we still keep in touch and contact each other, no good bye for us but ‘See You Again’.
With American style teaching – learning, SolBridge opens my mind wider to see the world, to dream higher and believe that international experience is such a wonderful experience that we should have. Having friendly professors made my studying really easy, I got adapted easily and I can share my opinion to professors openly.
“Study hard and play hard” is what I always say. It was so wonderful chance to explore Korea, I visited many cities, visited so many wonderful historical places, visited Korean festival, and eat the food.  But still there are many places that I haven’t visited yet, so I hope I can get the opportunity to study or work in Korea in the future.
Don’t hesitate to make a step for the bright future; I believe this international experience affects our wonderful future. And don’t be afraid about our lacks, because as long as we try hard there is still a chance.
Monico Gunawan, Hotel Management
First, I was surprised, and of course very excited to know that I was chosen to go to Prince of Songkla University, Phuket. I studied Hotel Management and it’s just a perfect destination to learn and experience hospitality and also tourism. First time I arrived, I was a little confused by the campus area. It’s kind of big, completed with sports court, outdoor and indoor, buildings, canteen, and park. PSU is located in the middle, between Phuket city and the road to beaches (Pathong, Kamala, Kata). I was quite surprised to find a lot of foreigners there. Not just as tourists, but they stayed and lived there. When you go to mall, street, beaches you can’t know who is from which country. Many people speak Mandarin with me, some of them even speak Thai language with me. I was in one class with Chinese, Hollander, Belgian, and Indian. And I met a lot of friends in my activities, like from Germany, Canada, etc. People there are very nice. Their hospitality spirit is very rich and big. I can’t find unhappy moment when I was there. It’s just open my eyes of how to be a real hotelier. For anybody that chosen to study there, you’re very lucky.
Maria Fransiska, Management
I got a full scholarship to spend one semester as an exchange student in UniversitiTeknologi MARA in Shah Alam, Malaysia. The scholarship was provided by DIKTI under MIT or Malaysia-Indonesia-Thailand mobility programme. I was very lucky to get a scholarship because any scholarship in the world does not come easy; every student is competing for one. During my stay, I gained benefits from both academically and socially. Since it was my very first time to study abroad in outside Indonesia, I got to experience different teaching and learning system as compared to Indonesia. I also got to expand my network by making friends with people from different races, ethnics, and nationalities whom I met during my stay in Malaysia. Most importantly, I gained knowledge about several cultures outside my own culture, namely Malaysian, German, Japanese, and Arabic culture. As an international business student, I perceived these knowledges as very important, since International Business is always about learning other’s cultures. Finally, I would like to thank Binus University and DIKTI for granting me this rare opportunity. For those of you Binusians who might be as lucky as I was, I suggest you enjoy yourself to the fullest and absorb as much as you can during your stay abroad.
Winnie Wanda, Management Marketing International
I have spent my one semester in Penang, Malaysia as a student exchange of MIT programme 2010 in this 5th semester. It was my first time journey to study abroad as an exchange student. I didn’t suspect that i could get this chance to study abroad. In here, I can learn many things, especially learn how to socializing with many people from many countries. And also, We can know more about Malaysian history and culture, especially for me is in Penang, the West of Malaysia. In academically, we can know how the way of lecturing and learning process conducts in Malaysia. I studied in USM which the university provides two class for each course, there are lecture class and tutorial class for each course that we take. We need to register for the tutorial class, and compulsory to attend. Because in this class there will be absent. In there, I stayed in a convinience dormitory inside the campus. They provide some cafetaria for the students to get foods easily. The people in there is nice. They would like to know and be friend with many students from other country. This programme is good for us to get more knowledge and experience in other country. We can learn more about their habit and culture. And also, can make a good relationship with many people from different country.
Jessie Juwita, International Business
I got opportunity to join the MIT ( Malaysia – Indonesia – Thailand ) student exchange program to Thailand in September 2010. I stay there for one trisemester (3 months). The weather in Thailand is most likely the same with Indonesia, but they have some cultural differences with Indonesia. I take 6 subjects there where as the maximum subject that can be taken was only 5, but in order to graduate on time in Binus, I take 6 subjects. It was really tiring because from monday to thursday, I have full lecture class from morning until 6pm. The funny thing is because Thailand is Buddhist country, so there are only a few holiday there, even I have my exam on Sunday. But despite of the busy studying life, I really enjoy my time in Thailand. I meet lots of new friends, some are Thai, some are Westerner, and some are Japanese. I really happy that I can have this opportunity to join the student exchange program because I can meet a lot of new friends, gain new experience abroad, and I can learn many other culture from other country as well.
Alanda Kariza, International Business
I went for a short course at the University of Montana, under a program from US Department of State called Study of the US Institute for Student Leaders on Global Environmental Issues. I loved it. It was relatively easy to adjust and adapt although I get homesick so easily, but I could Skype with my parents almost everyday – thanks to the good internet connection in my dorm room. I learn about environmental issues in both US and Southeast Asia, mostly related to forestry and oil spills. I met students from Southeast Asia and mentors from the US. I must say all experiences were great and I enjoyed it very much, I don’t think there was any ‘visible’ problem. Because I study in BINUS International, it was very easy for me to talk with others because I am used to talk in English, including for academic purposes in my campus. I have established very strong personal relations with the people I met there. Yes, of course I recommend fellow BINUSIANs for a short course. Sometimes BINUS can’t give the opportunity for a short course for everyone, and sometimes it costs too much. But, free short courses are out there. There are a lot of scholarships/fellowships waiting to be found. So, get out of your comfort zone and start looking for those opportunities. 
Shannicka Nofrena Tamar, English 
I received a fellowship by the US Department of State called SUSI (Study of US Institute) from July-August 2010. The program was New Media and held by Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois. There were 20 students from Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippine – 6 students from all over Indonesia and I am the only one from Jakarta and from a private university.
I learned about the Media and Politics in America, which really helps me since I also work as a part-time journalist. I had the chance Illinois senator and one of the people who work as a campaigner for President Obama. I also spent a night with an American family at their home and I still keep in contact with my American parents through Facebook. During the program I had the opportunity to visit other cities, such as Chester (the home of Popeye), St. Louis, Springfield, Chicago and Washington DC.
This program really changes my life and yes it was such a memorable experience. I made new friends, from Malaysia, Philippines, Turkey, Nigeria, Middle East and North Africa. Now after I got back, I became a part of State Alumni and received various perks such as invitations to Thanksgiving dinner at the resident of the current US Ambassador to RI, Mr. Scot Marciel, I was also invited to attend President Obama’s speech when he came to Jakarta and I also had the chance to meet some other important people.
America is and always be my dream country and I am so blessed to have the opportunity to go there at a very young age all for free, I only need to pay for my passport. There is so much that America has to offer and it is not like what people think, they are very tolerant and open, plus friendly. Right now the gate is wide open for any of you who want to have a good education is the US, since Indonesia and America is now emphasizing on increasing the number of Indonesian students in America.
Annisa Sabrina, Hotel Management 
I majored in Hospitality and Tourism Management. Lucky enough, during my 5th semester I had a chance to follow a student exchange programme in Malaysia for 5 months. It was an amazing experience because I got valuable knowledge and also I can learn different culture. Besides I got many new friends from all over the world. This programme should be continuing because many experiences are waiting ahead for the new participants!
Ferdianto Sumbadji, Management 
I got a huge honour to represent Indonesia in MIT program which is held in Malaysia on July to November 2010. It is one of my greatest moments in my life. Although it is my first experince to go overseas; I thank God I may adapt quickly in the new environment as I learn a lot of new knowledge, apreciate a lot of new cultures, and make a lot of new friends. After that amazing journey, I become more and more confident of myself as international society is not a strange or unreached one anymore for me. My best experince there is when I may have a change to learn a lot of backgrounds of my international friends. Therefore, it feels like I have traveled around the world. My worst experince there is when I have to face the poor management of international students there. I often have to wait a long time to finish some of the administration things there. There are some challenges of being an international student such as how you adjust to a nation custom and how you interact politely to people there. The will to always be humble and eager to learn and respect others is important to overcome those challenges. It will help you to develop a close relationship to many people, no matter which country they coming from. I do recommend to all BINUSIANS who are hungry for international experiences and ready to struggle for it to join a short course/internship openned by Binus. If you’re the one, be strong and take courage of yourself for you shall see the whole new world that you may never imagine. May God gives you spirit to have a bravery to overcome all things in your path and fullfil the highest dream in your life. 
Meilisa, Hotel Management 
The first time my lecturer announced that I was elected as student exchange to UiTM (Universiti Teknologi Mara), Shah Alam, Malaysia in Student Mobility MIT Programme, I was very suprised, interested and also excited, then without hesitation I accepted the offer. That was my first time to study and live overseas for 5 months. It’s not too difficult to adapt for me, because people who were there are very friendly, nice and courteous, Shah Alam also a beautiful and comfortable place to live. I’ve learn more about Malaysia, especially their culture and tourism. That is very interesting for me. I recommend to all Binusian to join this program, because you will get the best experience. Thank you very much, International Office.
Riyan Nicholas, International Business
I got a full scholarship to spend one semester as an exchange student in UniversitiTeknologi MARA in Shah Alam, Malaysia. The scholarship was provided by DIKTI under MIT or Malaysia-Indonesia-Thailand mobility programme. I was very lucky to get a scholarship because any scholarship in the world does not come easy; every student is competing for one. During my stay, I gained benefits from both academically and socially. Since it was my very first time to study abroad in outside Indonesia, I got to experience different teaching and learning system as compared to Indonesia. I also got to expand my network by making friends with people from different races, ethnics, and nationalities whom I met during my stay in Malaysia. Most importantly, I gained knowledge about several cultures outside my own culture, namely Malaysian, German, Japanese, and Arabic culture. As an international business student, I perceived these knowledges as very important, since International Business is always about learning other’s cultures. Finally, I would like to thank Binus University and DIKTI for granting me this rare opportunity. For those of you Binusians who might be as lucky as I was, I suggest you enjoy yourself to the fullest and absorb as much as you can during your stay abroad.
Septian Hadiwibowo, Hotel Management
I am so grateful i got scholarship of MIT Mobillity Programme to study one semester in Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia. This is my first time to study abroad and I am very excited! At first, it’s quite hard for me to adapt because everything totally different, but day by day i can enjoy and love the environments. Besides that every moment at there was fun at the same time from academic and social. I took 4 subjects there and most of them is practical such as Food and Beverage Service, Food Production, Fundamental of Baking and Hospitality Financial Accounting for theory. Most of my friends are older than me, and there are so many international students who come from Middle East, German, Japan, Thailand, and of course the local Malaysians. They are so friendly and welcome, sometimes we hang out together and shared so many things. I am so happy could met so many new people and different personalities to deal with. The most unforgetable memories there was during an event ‘Lets cook together’. It’s an event to introduce traditional food from each country. Me and my friends cooked Gado-Gado as Indonesian traditional food. There’s also sushi and tempura from Japan, Pfannkuchen from Germany, Samosa from Saudi Arabia, and Bubur Lambuk from Malaysia. I’m a proud Indonesian, since so many people like our food. There are lots of precious moment that taught me about life, how to be more independent, socializable, understanding, etc. It was even hard for me and my friends, when the time to say goodbye comes. We even cried together with the lecturers. But i promise them, that someday i’ll back again and to meet them. Thank you very much to BINUS University because already gave me an opportunity to enhance my experience thru student exchange program. I recommended to all of you to join this program and get so many precious knowledge and experience like what i got, you’ll never regret, you’ll get so many benefits. Take a chance to improve yourself and do your best!
Sunya Wijaya, Management 
I am very greatful for a scholarship from MIT program. I learned for 1 semester at Universiti  Teknlogi Mara (UiTM). Through this program, i got many valuable experiences especially in socializing with many people from different countries. I took 4 subjects in UiTM, namely strategic management, introduction to operation management, introduction to international business, and research methodology. Although UiTM has a learning system that is quite different from BINUS, but i think it was quite enjoyable. Having new friends from different countries, such as German, Thailand, Somalia; are taught by experienced lecturers, as well as an interesting lesson.
The first time was in Malaysia, I tried to adapt, because the environment is quite different from Indonesia, but I learned many things from this, I learned how to adapt, socializing with others, be more respectful, and more independent.
During my stay in UiTM, I made many friends from all over the country. All of them are open minded and very welcoming. They are so kind and fun. We studied together, shared information and knowledge, and also hangout together. I got a valuable lesson about the history and culture of Malaysia. Visit many place that are so interesting, and many more.
In my opinion, this program is very interesting and challenging, also we will get so many valuable experience. Finally, i would like to say thanks to DIKTI and BINUS University that have given me a chance to follow this student exchange program.
William Gunawan, Hotel Management 
I am thankful for the opportunity to be an exchange student to UITM ( Universiti Teknologi MARA) Shah Alam, Malaysia For six months, I got a lot of experiences there. Academicly, I learnt that the lecturers which is very kind, and experienced. They treat students like a friends who you can share anything to them and ask about Malaysia culture. I also have a lot of friends from Malaysia, Japan, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, and many other countries. We shared unforgettable moments together and culture, especially because we lived at the same dormitory. Beyond differences culture, respect, fun, and friendship among us were truly like a brother to each other. This moment was unforgettable moment that I have when I study there.
William Suhari, Management 
The first thing that crosses my mind if I think about student exchange is “don’t miss this opportunity”. You’ll find your best experience here, everything is precious.
I like it because I studied in new environment, with different friends from many nationalities, different culture, new lecturers. You’ll adapt fast there if you find a friend. I have many friends there, Malays, Somali, Germans, Thais. Don’t be shy to ask someone on the road if you don’t know about something.
Academically, I learned a lot from the great lecturer. Most of them are professor. Socially, I learned how to cook Bubur Lambuk, how to speak Malay, German, Thai. I went to historical place of Malaysia and hiking with my friends. I learned a lot of different cultures. I have good relationships with each one of them. Security, students, beverage seller, even Roti Canai seller. There was even one time, when the beverage seller wanted offer to buy rice for me and my friends.
I will highly recommend this exchange program. You’ll find your best moments there. Make friends with everyone. Experience it for yourself, you’ll know why.
Ariek Immanuel, Management
I was staying in Daejeon, one of the biggest cities in South Korea. It is a really a good place for living and spending your time to relax since it is not very crowded. It was not really difficult to adapt there because I already prepared myself. I just had to learn how the locals do their chores so I could fit in there. In terms of education, there were slight diferenceS. In SolBridge, they were teaching us to learn things by the action. So if you want know something, you have to do that practically. The most important lesson that I learnt from my study abroad is that now I can speak Korean better. And of course I know how to treat someone from other countries. If I have the chance to go back and visit Daejeon, Korea I will definitely go. It is trully a great experience!
Ian Eryanto Wongso, Marketing
When it comes to describing the student exchange program I encountered, I could not find the exact word. All I could tell, and share is that it’s one of the greatest chance, and moment I ever got. Being a BINUS STAR doesn’t only allow you guys to meet a whole new world and experience; i.e meeting new friends and learn more languages. But it actually helps you and me, myself, to discover myself as who I really am. And to see what I’m capable of.
So if you’re ready for a fresh, exciting and amazing moment to see YOU and your world out there, it’s time for you to head off now.
Versia Lianto, Management
This is my first time studying abroad. And all I can say is that it was incredible! I had so much fun, and was hoping for another chance to study abroad. The professors in SolBridge are very kind, if you need help and have something to ask, you can go to them and they will help you as much as they can. They care a lot about their students and we can even share our personal experience with them. And because SolBridge has a lot of international students from many different country, once a year they held Culture Day. All of the students from different country wore their traditional clothing and performed. It was so exciting since you can feel the many cultures becoming one. Those of us from Indonesia represent our country with Saman Dance. It was first for me to learn, and perform Saman. A whole bunch of people were in awe of our performance, and told us that our performance was amazing. It was such an honour. After that we even got a lot of invitations to perform.
I made friends from all over the country. All of them are open minded and very welcoming. Most of students come from China, Russia, Kazakhtan, and Korea. We go to class, have lunch, lounge, and hangout together. We also shared opinions about a lot of random things. It breaks my heart when we have to say goodbye to one another. It was very hard for me to see my friends leaving one by one (FYI: I’m the one who leave last). It was hard to say goodbye to them, since we got so close to one another. It was also sad knowing that we don’t know when we would be able to meet each other again.
I really recommended all of you to join the program. Studying abroad is really a priceless experience. You can learn lots there. You learn how to live, be more independent, more socializable, More understanding, and more respectful. Trust me, once you join you’ll never regret. Give it a try and be brave about it. You will get the benefit, for sure. Enjoy it as much as you can. Be brave to explore, make a lot of friends, and try a lot of Korean cuisine. Last but not least while you are studying abroad, study hard, play hard, and shop hard. God Bless!
Yemima Immanuel, Accounting
I stayed in Daejeon, South Korea about 2 hours from Seoul, and I was there for 4 months. During my stay there, it is not hard for me to adapt as I am prepared for the weather change, and for a different environment. I had done some research about the culture and people in Korea prior to coming thus, I am thoroughly prepared.
The teaching methods in SolBridge, is not really different with my home university. The teachers use the same method which is a two-way learning system, where students and teachers can discuss their opinion together. However, the study system differs quite significantly. In my home university, it’s more theoretical while in SolBridge, it’s more practical. I too like practical study system since, I do not only get the theoretical knowledge, but also can practice that theoretical knowledge by doing more real projects as part of my assignment, mid term and final term. So, it will be very useful for my future career. I enjoyed every single moment I had during my time abroad through and through. In fact, I felt that it was too short and would like to extend the time I had there. As I got close to others, it was time to go back to my country and those are really the sad moments. I am hoping one day I can go back.