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International Student Farewell 2023

After four years, our full-degree international students in Batch 2019 have accomplished their studies and created long lasting friendships at BINUS International. On 16 August 2023, we held a farewell event at the Auditorium, FX Campus. The event was opened by a former BINUS Global Director, Ibu Diah Wihardini, PhD, by giving a warm speech recalling her memories of welcoming them to start their journey at BINUS University, evaluating their academic performance and supporting their impactful activities. She highlighted that our international students always add richness and diversity to our university life.

The success of our international students in finishing their studies on time is the result of collaborative work not only between students and their lecturers but also from all supporting parties at BINUS. So, it’s not surprising we could see other BINUS leaders, lecturers, staff, and their juniors come to bid farewell and send best wishes to them.

We hope that all our international students who have been studying with us will remember their experiences of BINUS and Indonesia fondly and we will see them again in the future!