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BINUS University Prepares BINUS STAR Students for Study Abroad with Comprehensive Briefing in Bogor

Bogor, Indonesia – On 25-26 June 2024, BINUS University conducted a Pre-Departure Briefing for the BINUS STAR (BINUS Student Transnational Ambassador) Fall 2024 program at the picturesque Kebunsu retreat in Bogor. This comprehensive two-day event was designed to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills for a successful study abroad experience in the upcoming Odd Semester 2024/2025 (Fall 2024).

The briefing covered crucial topics to ensure students are well-prepared for their international academic journey. The program included hands-on activities and informative sessions:

  • Survival 101: This session discussed cultural orientation and maintaining mental health. Students gained insights into their host countries’ cultural norms and practices, emphasizing the importance of cultural sensitivity and adaptability. They also received essential health precautions, safety measures, and tips and tricks to address common travel challenges and solutions.
  • Academic Expectations: This session covered academic systems, grading methods, classroom etiquette abroad, and strategies for effective time management and academic success. The “Life as a BINUS STAR” session featured alumni sharing insights on how their study abroad experience shaped their future and boosted their careers.

In addition to these sessions, the program featured a group project aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs). These activities were designed to foster initiative, leadership, and other soft skills critical for the student’s study abroad journey.

A highlight of the briefing was the Group Project, where students cooked Indonesian delicacies and shared them with people in need in the surrounding area. This project served as a practical implementation of UNSDG #2 (Zero Hunger), UNSDG #12 (Responsible Consumption and Production), and UNSDG #17 (Partnerships for the Goals). Students immersed themselves in community service through this activity, promoting sustainability and collaboration.

The Pre-Departure Briefing was well-received by participants, who appreciated the comprehensive preparation and engaging activities. The hands-on experience and community interaction not only provided valuable insights but also equipped students with practical skills, ensuring BINUS STAR students are ready to represent BINUS University on the global stage with confidence.

BINUS University remains steadfast in its commitment to fostering internationalization and preparing students for global challenges. The success of the Pre-Departure Briefing underscores the university’s unwavering dedication to empowering students through education, cultural exchange, and sustainable practices, providing a strong support system for their international academic journey.

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