BINUS International Office

The Power of AI in Churn Analysis

Jakarta — We couldn’t be more excited to be part of DANA8s Waktunya Pintar on 13th June 2024, where DANA’s employees had the chance to enrich their knowledge and keep up with Artificial Intelligence (AI) trends.

Recognizing BINUS University as a top technology university in Indonesia, DANA is excited to collaborate with us by including our Dr. Yulius Denny Prabowo. S.T., M.T.I., as Computer Science lecturer at BINUS Online. His extensive expertise in AI, data mining, deep learning applications, and machine learning made him the perfect expert to share at this year’s session.

“By comprehensively understanding the factors driving customer turnover, companies can better tailor their products and/or services to meet customer needs, enhance satisfaction, and ultimately reduce churn rates,” he remarked.

Mastering churn analysis with the power of AI can revolutionize our understanding of customer behavior. This deeper understanding allows us to personalize our approach, ensuring customer retention and fostering their loyalty as returning customers.

Stephanie Harto, the Head of People Learning and Enrichment at DANA, underscores the strong commitment between DANA and BINUS University to serve society with excellence. This commitment is manifested in our joint efforts to harness advanced quality human resources and technologies through sustainable innovation, a testament to the importance of our collaboration.

“The presence of many alumni at DANA is a testament to the university’s ability to produce industry-ready professionals,” she noted. This recognition underscores BINUS University’s reputation for excellence and its significant contribution to nation’s development.

Understanding churn analysis using AI is crucial for businesses aiming to maintain a competitive edge. By leveraging AI, organizations can identify patterns and predict customer behavior with unprecedented accuracy. This not only enables proactive retention strategies but also ensures personalized customer experiences. Investing in AI for churn analysis is not just a technological upgrade but a strategic imperative for sustainable growth and customer loyalty.