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Insights on Trust and Sustainability from Konecranes’ Industry Lecture

Tangerang, June 13 – Establishing and maintaining trust is fundamental for fostering responsible business operations, sustainability, and continuous improvement. This theme resonated throughout the auditorium of our Alam Sutera Campus during an industry lecture by Tarikh Alkhalil, Vice President of Product Management at Konecranes, a leading multinational crane manufacturing company.

Strategies for Handling Aggressive Customers

Drawing on his 41 years of industry experience, Mr. Tarikh discussed effective strategies for dealing with aggressive and demanding customers. He emphasized the importance of fostering a strong company culture through open and collaborative environments, which helps address customer demands effectively while maintaining long-term relationships.

Building Influence Over Time

Mr. Tarikh stressed that building a strong company culture and fostering trust and respect between producers and customers is a gradual process. Understanding each other’s business objectives is essential for achieving this trust. Over the decades, Konecranes has grown into one of the world’s largest producers of cranes, with a presence in over 50 countries, including Indonesia, showcasing its significant growth and industry influence.

Commitment to Sustainability 

Konecranes aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030 by using 100% renewable electricity. Notably, its manufacturing site is already carbon neutral. These actions reflect the company’s commitment to reducing its environmental footprint and leading by example in the industry.

Adding Value and Meeting Customer Needs 

Mr. Tarikh highlighted the importance of understanding customers’ demands and needs by adding value to the company’s offerings. Building long-term relationships with customers involves prioritizing their interests and maintaining honesty and integrity.

Maintaining Honesty and Integrity

Mr. Tarikh warned that losing honesty and integrity could destroy customer relationships and compromise the company’s values. He stressed that maintaining these core values is crucial for sustainable business growth and long-term customer trust.

A special thank you to the Binusians who attended the lecture, especially Dr. Respati Wulandari, S.H., M.M., Head of the Internationalization and Partnership Program at BINUS Business School (BBS) Undergraduate Program. Dr. Wulandari organized the event and provided valuable insights into the operations and strategic direction of Konecranes, the leading multinational crane manufacturer.

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