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9th Festival Sinema Australia Indonesia (FSAI) Showcases Science and Cinema at BINUS University

Alam Sutera, 31 May – The 9th Festival Sinema Australia Indonesia (FSAI) recently unfolded at BINUS University’s Alam Sutera Campus, blending the realms of science, cinema, and culture.

Through the generous support of the Australian Embassy in Jakarta and Deakin University, we had the opportunity to explore the past 140,000 years inside a CABAH Portable Planetarium known as “The Earth Above.”

The immersive exhibition allowed participants to gain a deeper understanding of the region’s comic landscape for 30 minutes. Our students and staff had this unique opportunity to witness the great work of Deakin Motion Lab (DML), an interdisciplinary research and knowledge community focused on digital screen experiences.

“The concept of this project, which is creative and futuristic, is aligned with our university’s core value of innovation,” as mentioned by Prof. Dr. Tirta Nugraha Mursitama, Ph.D., as the Vice-Rector Collaboration & Global Engagement.

“Inside the dome, you will be presented with a high-definition projector to ensure that you can have an almost 180-degree experience. The wall of the dome serves as the screen for the 30-minute movie that will transport you to prehistoric Australia.”

Subsequently, a workshop led by Dr. Martin Potter from Deakin University shed light on the story behind the CABAH Portable Planetarium. Dr. Potter’s expertise and insights provided a captivating perspective, enhancing participants’ grasp of the science underlying the spectacle.

The event left a lasting impression on attendees by integrating art, science, and education through innovative programs and partnerships. What’s even more significant is how this event will inspire students to not only appreciate the art of cinema, but also the opportunities that technology can offer to enhance the potential for a more immersive experience!