BINUS International Office

Unleashing Quantitative Finance Competition 2024 with WorldQuant

Jakarta, 3 April 2024 – Our students from the School of Computer Science (SoCS) had a rare occasion to learn from WorldQuant, the leading global quantitative asset management firm, to delve deep into quantitative finance.

Not only that, but they had a great time understanding the foundation for crafting a business model using the platform WorldQuant BRAIN to gain data on financial markets and discussing the role of algorithms trading in modern investment strategies.

Phuc Le, a researcher at WorldQuant, also discussed the opportunity for students to participate in the Quant Champion 2024, a prestigious competition that challenges participants to develop and implement quantitative trading algorithms.

“Initiatives like the International Quant Champion play a crucial role in nurturing talent and driving innovation in quantitative finance; hence, we encourage students, faculty members, and alumni at BINUS University to participate in IQC 2024, enabling them to unleash their potential in the realm of finance technology,” expressed Mr. Phuc Le, a researcher at WorldQuant.

The championship offers participants the chance to demonstrate their skills on a worldwide platform, competing for recognition and prizes at this year’s Grand Final in Singapore!

As WorldQuant continues to expand its footprint in the Asia-Pacific region, collaborations with our universities, such as ours, underscore the commitment to advancing quantitative finance education and empowering the next generation of talent.

The workshop concluded with a networking session, allowing students to interact with WorldQUant representatives and explore potential internship and career opportunities within the company. Through this direct interaction, participants expressed enthusiasm for the insights gained during the workshop and voiced interest in further exploring the world of quantitative finance and expanding their professional networks in the quantitative finance industry.