BINUS International Office

Unveiling the Next Development of AI

Jakarta, 13 March 2024 Dr Awinder Kaur, Associate Professor and Discipline Group Lead of Data Science and Mathematics at the University of Warwick, recently lectured the technology enthusiast on the impact of Artificial intelligence (AI) across our lives. 

The rise of AI has no doubt been gaining attention recently. From the advancement of Generative AI tools such as Gemini, ChatGPT, to Co-Pilot, users have plenty of choices to super-charged their productivity.  

With Ms. Ajeng Wulandari, our Computer Science lecturer at BINUS University, moderated the meaningful dialogue between Dr. Awinder and the participants regarding AI usage, which has seamlessly integrated into diverse facets of our daily routines. AI utilization can be found in many features on smartphones or smart home devices. Notably, platforms like Netflix or Amazon provide personalized recommendations tailored to users’ histories and preferences.  

The healthcare industry has seen substantial growth in the revolutionizing of AI and its utilization, contributing to enhancements in health diagnostics, treatment personalization, and operational efficiency. Dr. Awinder highlighted, “In the UK healthcare system, DeepMind’s AI technology has been utilized to detect diseases, such as its work on diabetic retinopathy and breast cancer detection.” 

However, the rapid advancement of AI has sparked privacy concerns regarding its ethical data protection and potential job displacement. Addressing these concerns is imperative to ensure that AI technologies benefit society while mitigating potential risks and biases.  

In her concluding remarks, she emphasized that AI innovation would enhance workplace productivity and create fresh job prospects within the technology sector and other AI-driven fields. Even as repetitive jobs may be replaced, human resources remain essential in managing technology, highlighting the importance of strengthening foundational knowledge.  

Hence, it is evident that esteemed higher education institutions like BINUS University and the University of Warwick will play a vital role in offering up-to-date knowledge and skills aligned with market demands.