BINUS International Office

Art Exhibition Bridges Connection Between Young Audiences and the Disability Community

Jakarta, 8 March 2024 — Vian Tolentino Martinez, a full-degree-seeking international student from the Philippines, organized an art exhibition at BINUS University International to engage with the disability community through painting and storytelling.

This exhibition is a follow-up activity stemming from the ambassadorship project Between the Brushstrokes, initiated last semester by three recipients of the BINUS World Class Scholarship (BWCS): Vian and her fellow awardees, Arish Madataly from Madagascar, and Diana I.A. Guingab from the Philippines.

Together with our friends from Yayasan Pembinaan Anak Cacat (YPAC), Vian advanced this effort by orchestrating a groundbreaking exhibition and creating an opportunity to sell their artworks, with proceeds benefiting the artists. Ms. Robiatul Adawiyah, one of the Leaders from YPAC, showed her appreciation for the effort made by our students.

“Engaging with the arts could help address issues related to disability and impairment, which affect the transition and self-realization in their identity formation,” said Ms. Adawiyah.

She also emphasized the significance of art in nurturing a positive sense of identity among young people with disabilities.

Vian’s eagerness to promote the paintings was evident in her approach to auctioning them to visitors. Over the last three days, she managed to sell six small paintings that boosted the artist!

As we continue to explore and celebrate the diversity of human experience, let us embrace the transformative power of art to enrich lives, foster inclusion, and champion the inherent creativity of every individual, regardless of ability. Lastly, we thank Vian for spearheading this project and the YPAC team’s invaluable support of our international students’ endeavours.

Mita Adhisti