BINUS International Office

Making Her Study Abroad Come True

Jakarta, 18 January 2024 – A few days ago, we sat down with Angelica Purbasari, our Business Management student at BINUS University, on her transformative experience studying abroad at the University of Essex in the United Kingdom (UK).

Participating in the International Student Exchange Programs (ISEP), Angelica received support from our Internationalization Officer within the Office of the Vice-Rectorate of Collaboration & Global Engagement.

“ISEP has been incredibly supportive throughout my journey, promptly addressing any questions I had,” Angelica mentioned.

The BINUS Internationalization Office played a pivotal role in Angelica’s adventure. From the outset, they guided her in leveraging the ISEP program, helping her realize her dream of studying in the UK.

One of the initial challenges Angelica faced was adapting to the UK’s cold weather, a stark contrast to the tropical climate of her native Indonesia. However, she embraced this new experience with positivity.

When asked about her decision to study in the UK, Angelica shared that studying abroad had been a dream since her primary school days.

“The UK’s rich architectural history and the warmth and kindness of its people deeply attracted me. It feels surreal to be living and studying here now,” she reflected.

Angelica’s journey is more than an academic achievement; it is a story of cultural exchange and personal growth. Her positive attitude and determination to fully embrace this experience are truly inspirational. We thank Angelica for sharing her enlightening story with us!