BINUS International Office

Stronger Engagement for Global Impact

Jakarta, 28 December – As the year draws to a close, we reflect on the moments that defined our journey at the Office of Vice-Rector of Collaboration and Global Engagement.

Throughout the year, our calendar took us to Washington, D.C., to Vietnam. Our team have been busy engaging various stakeholders in the annual gathering of NAFSA, EAIE and QS! Not to mention the countless gatherings from the embassies as well as industry partners, both international and at home, to be part of our effort to foster and empower while promoting cross-cultural dialogue and knowledge exchange.

The heartbeat of our global community lies in the vibrant diversity of our students. Welcoming students from all walks of life and ensuring they have the best study experience exemplifies our dedication to creating an inclusive environment. Not only does their presence enrich our campus, but they also create a dynamic ecosystem where diverse perspectives thrive.

As we conclude this chapter, the video encapsulates the essence of our collective efforts celebrates the milestones achieved and lays the groundwork for an even more impactful future.

Thank you. It wouldn’t be possible without you. Happy new year.