BINUS International Office

Embracing Collaboration and Innovation Echoed from the 7th P2A Annual General Meeting

Da Nang, 19 November 2023 – Representatives of Passage To ASEAN (P2A) were thrilled to participate in the 7th P2A Annual General Meeting & 12th Partner’s Meeting hosted at Duy Tan University in Danang, Vietnam. Throughout the event, P2A’s commitment to enhancing the personal and professional growth of students and faculty members resonated, drawing representatives from various regional universities to reflect on the past year and set the stage for an active 2024.

Debby S. Lubis, Associate International Office Manager of BINUS University, expressed enthusiasm, stating, “Being part of the 7th P2A Annual General Meeting was a fantastic opportunity for BINUS University to contribute to shaping P2A’s future and collective progress.”

Insights into the P2A Management Board, Secretariat, and Country Chapters enriched participants’ comprehension. Networking sessions fostered connections among ASEAN representatives, emphasizing unity and advancement.

Mr. Jeroen Schedler, Director of Strategic Planning and Development at P2A and Assistant President for Internationalization at Rangsit University, emphasized the enduring collaborative bonds within P2A. He envisions ASEAN students having opportunities to connect globally, enabling them to achieve their educational and personal goals, highlighting P2A’s foundation on trust and enthusiasm.

Sharing best practices showcased successful integration into P2A activities, inspiring innovative approaches for future endeavors. Representatives discussed forthcoming programs for 2024, eagerly anticipating their implementation and addressing both challenges and possibilities in student exchanges within ASEAN countries.

The conclusion of the event demonstrated the enthusiasm and dedication towards P2A’s vision, promising a bright future for the association. The connections established and insights gained from the event contribute to the optimistic outlook for the P2A Association.

In summary, the 7th P2A Annual General Meeting & 12th Partner’s Meeting 2023 embodied unity, collaboration, and a shared vision for progress. The commitment shown towards the association’s goals ensures a promising future for the P2A Association.