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BINUS STARcation: A Weekend of Reunion, Camaraderie, and Cultural Exchange

Jakarta, 1 October 2023 – Against the backdrop of lush greenery and the tranquil mountainside at Kebunsu, Bogor, BINUS Student Transnational Ambassadors (BINUS STAR), iBuddy+, and International Students gathered for a memorable 2D1N retreat during the weekend of 30 September to 1 October 2023. This unique event, aptly named “BINUS STARcation,” not only served as a reunion for STARs but also welcomed iBuddy+ and International Students to share in the vibrant colors of the STAR community.

The picturesque venue provided the perfect setting for a weekend getaway that seamlessly blended relaxation, capacity building, and cultural exchange. The agenda featured a mix of activities encouraging everyone to engage, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie. One of the event’s highlights was the capacity-building sessions, strategically designed to bring together BINUS STARs, iBuddy+, and International Students. These sessions facilitated interaction and collaboration, enriching the collective experience of everyone involved.

The cultural exchange took a delightful turn as participants enjoyed a feast of Indonesian delicacies served by Kebunsu. The diverse flavors and aromas of the local cuisine added a culinary dimension to the event, allowing participants to savor the richness of Indonesian culture. BINUS STARcation was more than just a retreat. It’s a meaningful gathering that strengthens the bonds of the BINUS STAR Community. The serene surroundings of Kebunsu provided a backdrop for both relaxation and engagement, fostering a sense of brotherhood among our students.

The weekend retreat concluded with a sense of fulfillment and gratitude as participants departed with cherished memories and strengthened connections. BINUS University continues to emphasize the importance of such events, recognizing their role in creating a vibrant and supportive community for students from diverse backgrounds.


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