BINUS International Office

BINUS UNIVERSITY’S International Office: Facilitating Study Abroad Success for 94 Students

Jakarta, 07 July 2023 – The International Office’s commitment to student success is exemplified by the achievements of the 94 BINUS students who have embarked on their study abroad journeys.

Scholarship & Host University #Student
Asian International Mobility for Student Program Scholarship (AIMS) 2
Keimyung University 2
Global Korean Scholarship (GKS) 7
Duksung Women’s University 3
Kangwon National University 1
Keimyung University 2
Kyungsung University 1
Indonesian International Student Mobility Award (IISMA) 21
Hanyang University, Seoul 2
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin 1
Korea University 2
Maastricht University 2
Michigan State University 1
Penn State University 2
Queen Mary University of London 1
Singapore Management University 1
The University of Western Australia 1
University of California Davis 1
University of Glasgow 1
University of Leicester 1
University of New South Wales 1
University of Padua 1
University of Pisa 1
University of Sydney 1
University of York 1
Jasso Scholarship 1
Seinan Gakuin University 1
Self-Funded 61
ASO College Group 2
Association Leonard de Vinci 1
Australia Catholic University 1
Chung Ang University 3
Chung Yuan Christian University 3
Cologne Business School 1
Deakin University 1
Dong A University 1
EDC Paris Business School 1
Emporia State University 1
HAN University of Applied Sciences 1
Hannam University 4
Hanyang University, ERICA 1
Hanyang University, Seoul
Inha University 1
Inholland University of Applied Sciences 1
Kadir Has University 2
Kangwon National University 1
Kyung Hee University, Seoul 2
Nagoya University of Foreign Studies 3
National Chengchi University 1
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology 4
Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences 4
Seinan Gakuin University 1
Seoul National University of Science and Technology 2
Soongsil University 1
Tokyo Metropolitan University 2
Universiti Teknologi MARA 1
University of Bremen 1
University of Malaya 1
University of Tsukuba 4
Wakayama College of Global Business 5
Woosong University 1
Yamanashi Gakuin University, ICLA 2
Total 94

They were through various scholarships, including the Asian International Mobility for Student Program Scholarship (AIMS), Global Korean Scholarship (GKS), Indonesian International Student Mobility Award (IISMA), Jasso Scholarship, and self-funded endeavors.

From January 2023 until June 2023 the team did the study abroad promotion, rigorous application processes, comprehensive coordination, and pre-departure support. The International Office has paved the way for these students to broaden their horizons, embrace cultural diversity, and acquire invaluable academic and personal growth.

Meet Theresia Livia Theresia Livia, one of study abroad student from Interior Design BINUS University. She is set to soar to new heights as she prepares to study at Keimyung University in South Korea.

What sets Theresia’s journey apart is her remarkable achievement of being awarded the prestigious Global Korea Scholarship (GKS).

As Theresia eagerly prepares to take on the challenges ahead, she finds herself immersed in gathering the necessary documents for her student visa and organizing her daily needs in a foreign country.

She acknowledges that this will be her first experience living far away from her family, requiring her to rely on her strength and independence to navigate the obstacles that may come her way.

“I’m also preparing myself mentally since this is my first time living alone far from my family, and mostly I will have to face my problems alone since my family is not around me,” said Theresia.

Theresia embraces this opportunity as a chance for personal growth and self-discovery, ready to confront and overcome challenges head-on.

The Global Korea Scholarship (GKS): Theresia’s journey toward the Global Korea Scholarship began when the coordinator from Keimyung University reached out to her, recognizing her as a potential candidate for the prestigious scholarship.

“So the coordinator from Keimyung University sent me an email about GKS (Global Korea Scholarship), and he told me that I am a candidate to receive that scholarship. I had to fill out 1 document about my personal and academic information. In addition, if I am accepted to get that scholarship, I will have to take a course about language or Korean culture while studying at Keimyung University. Then, just a few days ago, I received an email about the GKS result that I have been selected as a GKS student,” said Theresia in our interview session.

The story of Theresia showed the persistent from the team to help the students from the promotion to pre-departure briefing, reflects the unwavering dedication to providing transformative experiences for BINUS students!

Good luck Theresia and the rest of you! We hope that you will not only gain an experience that will help to foster and empower society!