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BINUS UNIVERSITY Empowers MSMEs in Kampoeng Radjoet

Bandung, June 25, 2023 – The International Community Development Program (ICDP) Part II held in Bandung manifests BINUS University’s vision of fostering and empowering society and serving the nation.

Fifteen students from BINUS University as well as international students from the Philippines and Somaliland had the opportunity to participate in a series of activities aimed at developing the potential of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) located in Kampoeng Radjoet, West Java, from June 19th to 24th, 2023.

Kampoeng Radjoet is a community of knitters located in the Binong Jati area of Bandung. The knitters focus on producing products with the latest fashion styles. They not only prioritize variety but also emphasize quality.

Activities such as the Design Thinking workshop provided the students with a foundation for identifying the root causes of problems, analyzing multidimensional issues, and testing solutions to evaluate their impact effectiveness. This is the most crucial element of this program because it enables students to interact confidently with MSME actors to explore the issues they face. The students will use the information obtained to provide alternative solutions expected to be adopted to improve the quality of MSMEs.

“Implementing the ICDP program in Bandung, West Java, is expected to provide a unique experience for the students, especially those from abroad, through their interactions with MSME actors,” said Dr. Diah Wihardini, Director of BINUS Global.

The students’ works showcased their prototypes at the Gallery Walk on the third floor of the 23 Paskal Shopping Center. In addition, the Bandung City Department of Culture and Tourism attended, and the students had the opportunity to explain their works to visitors to enhance their public speaking skills.

“I believe that students can make an impact through the activities we organize and develop skills that will be beneficial in the long term,” added Dr. Diah.

The ICDP program will continue in the cities of Semarang, Malang, and Bali after being held in Bandung and Jakarta to expand the scope of the program’s impact.