BINUS International Office

BINUS UNIVERSITY Prepares Student Ambassadors for Global Adventure with Pre-Departure Briefing

Bekasi, 22 Juni 2023 – In a vibrant and culturally enriching pre-departure briefing, BINUS University geared up its Student Transnational Ambassadors (BINUS STAR) for their upcoming international studies in Fall 2023. Held last Thursday, 22 June 2023, at BINUS @Bekasi, the briefing was designed to mold these students into true ambassadors for both BINUS and Indonesia, emphasizing cultural exchange and leadership.

Taking a unique approach, the pre-departure briefing allowed the students to showcase their culinary skills by preparing traditional Indonesian snacks. This interactive activity aimed to promote leadership, teamwork, and effective communication — a crucial skill set for the diverse interactions students will encounter during their study abroad programs. Not only will it help the students to excel academically, but it will also let them shine as cultural ambassadors. Cooking traditional Indonesian snacks promotes teamwork and communication and prepares them to share the richness of Indonesian culture through its delightful cuisine.

The capacity-building aspect of the briefing focused on preparing students to present Indonesia through its culinary treasures when abroad. This strategic initiative ensures that BINUS STAR ambassadors can authentically represent their country, fostering cross-cultural understanding and appreciation. As ambassadors of both BINUS and Indonesia, our students showcase Indonesian cultural diversity and uniqueness. Through this culinary experience, they will enrich their global perspectives and contribute to creating positive impressions of Indonesia.


BINUS University continues to pioneer innovative approaches to education, ensuring its students are academically proficient, culturally competent, and ready to make impactful contributions on the global stage. As these BINUS STAR ambassadors embark on their international academic journeys in Fall 2023, the university remains confident in its ability to represent the institution and Indonesia with distinction.

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