BINUS International Office

Study Abroad Pre-Departure Briefing Ensures a Smooth Journey for Aspiring Global Scholars

Bekasi, 22 June 2023 – Our students joined the pre-departure briefing organized by BINUS International Office to help equip them with essential information and support for their study abroad.

The briefing has become an integral part of the process, ensuring students are well-prepared for their international academic journey and helping them navigate potential challenges seamlessly.

“This event is essential to attend as it has some sessions which aim to get students to have good-enough preparation for their international education and develop their life skills before starting their journey,” said Mega Ernesvia Pertiwi, International Student Mobility -Outbound.

At BINUS University, the Enrichment Program allows students to choose a study abroad track to spend time abroad. The hope is that students will have the necessary tools and knowledge to make the most of their international educational experience.

Key areas addressed during these briefings include:

  1. Academic Expectations
  2. Cultural Orientation
  3. Health and Safety Guidance
  4. Visa and Immigration Procedures
  5. Accommodation and Transportation
  6. Financial Planning
  7. Cultural Adjustment and Emotional Well-being
  8. Alumni and Peer Connections

“I was amazed by the students’ interest who joined at the event. I enjoyed delivering the information to students and collaborating with them in the cooking activity. I hope the Outbound team can create more meaningful and fun sessions for them soon,” added Mega.

To top off the day, our students had the chance to cook their favorite Indonesian meals together! A good way to practice their cooking skills while having a blast with their friends! Do enjoy some snaps from the event!

“I’m excited because having a pre-departure event can help me to prepare for my departure. Not only that, I understood the administrative documents that I should have from the session. I learned about the study plan that will help maximize my study overseas! Kudos to the International Office team for organizing the session and the fun cooking session, said Andira Wulan, a Mass Communication Student who will go to the HAN University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands.

Ultimately, these pre-departure briefings aim to equip students with the necessary tools and knowledge to make the most of their international educational experience.