BINUS International Office

Avedevici! Our Inbound Student Farewell

Jakarta, 21 June 2023 – As we said adieu to our Inbound international students who participated in the 2023 Spring semester, it was a bittersweet moment.  

Inbound student activities encompass events, cultural experiences, language exchanges, social gatherings, and academic workshops designed to welcome and integrate international students into the host institution’s community while fostering cross-cultural understanding and personal growth. 

Our friends from BINUS International Office, along with the iBuddy students, gathered to share reminisce about all the great memories created through the iBuddy program, which was created to support our International Students at BINUS in adapting to university life. 

“Studying here was an eye-opening adventure. I loved exchanging cultures and trying Jakarta’s delicious street food. I’ll miss everyone I et!” said Muhd Adi Syafiq Bin Hj Awg Jadar from Universiti Brunei Darussalam.  

The Farewell event exemplified BINUS University’s commitment to fostering global connections and creating an inclusive environment that celebrates internationalization. 

“I’ve made friends for life, and it wouldn’t be possible without the support from the team at BINUS International Office. They are an integral part of the University where they made this all happen,” said Jonathan Louis Marie Ganga from ISTC Paris. 

As the students departed, they took cherished memories and lifelong friendships that transcend borders, carrying the spirit of cultural exchange beyond the campus.