BINUS International Office

Exploring Global Perspectives from the Perspective of Our Inbound Students

Semarang, 15 June 2023 – BINUS International Office recently hosted the Inbound Mobility Experience Sharing event at its Semarang Campus to introduce international opportunities to its students and increase exposure to different cultures.

The event featured two inbound students, Esteban Hulin from France and Ryuga Kawahara from Japan, who shared their experiences living in Indonesia.

The BINUS @ Semarang students were eager to hear about their encounters with Indonesian culture and the differences they observed compared to their own.

“I would recommend my friends in Japan to study here in Indonesia, especially at BINUS University! Not only will you meet many international friends, but you will also savor some of the best Indonesian food, which is so delicious! I also appreciate the hospitality of many Indonesians I’ve met—they are very kind and funny,” said Esteban.

The interaction not only fostered cultural exchange but also promoted openness and learning. Esteban and Ryuga spoke passionately about the benefits of participating in the student exchange program. Their positive experiences left a lasting impact on the attendees, encouraging them to consider international study opportunities.

By embracing such initiatives, BINUS nurtures an inclusive and interconnected learning environment, preparing its students to thrive in a diverse world. The Inbound Mobility Experience Sharing event at BINUS gave students valuable insights into international experiences and promoted intercultural understanding. Such events are crucial in shaping well-rounded and globally aware individuals, making BINUS a beacon of global education.

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