BINUS International Office

BINUS STAR Fall 2022 Students Return Home to a Stellar Homecoming Celebration

Jakarta, 30 March 2023 – Are you ready to hear about the exciting Homecoming event held by BINUS University’s International Office?

On March 17, 2023, the BINUS STAR program welcomed their Fall 2022 Student Transnational Ambassadors back to campus with a celebration fit for stars!

After spending time studying abroad, the BINUS STAR Fall 2022 students returned home to their university with new knowledge, experiences, and stories to share.

As the beginning of the event, they were greeted in the welcoming speech.

“I’m sure, by now you’ve come back here one step ahead, with the experience and knowledge you’ve gained in your respective countries,” said Liliek Adelina, S.Sn., M.Arts, Deputy Head of the New Media Program.

Also, Dr. Diah Wihardini, B.Sc.(Hons)., M.Ed., Ph.D., BINUS Global Director also greeted the students,”Welcome and congratulations for the experience that has been obtained. I hope that this study abroad experience can provide benefits for your further studies.”

To top it off, the International Office arranged BINUS STAR students to shared their experiences.

They shared their own experiences studying abroad and how it has impacted their personal and professional life.

It was inspiring to see how much of a difference the program can make in someone’s life.

The Homecoming event was a huge success, and it was a wonderful way to welcome back the students who had represented the university with pride and excellence during their time overseas.

It was an excellent opportunity for the BINUS STAR students to reunite with their peers, share their experiences, and make new connections.

We can’t wait to see what the program has in store for the future!