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BINUS UNIVERSITY and Pan-European University Signs Inter-Institutional Agreement for Knowledge Sharing

Jakarta, 7 February 2023 BINUS University and Pan-European University have entered into a new collaboration, marked by the signing of an Inter-Institutional Agreement. The virtual signing ceremony was attended by representatives from both universities and the Indonesian Ambassador of the Slovak Republic.  

The agreement aims to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and resources, focusing on fostering academic excellence. BINUS University strongly emphasizes international experience, and this collaboration offers a valuable opportunity for both universities to advance their respective teaching and learning practices. 

“At BINUS University, we strongly emphasize international experience, recognizing its importance in developing global leaders. We have placed it at the core of our teaching and learning practices,” said Dr. Diah Wihardini. 

She added that the collaboration would forge beyond the International Relations program, providing both universities an opportunity to create an impact in the community.   

“Congratulations on this milestone. I believe this is a step forward where it will flourish and expand to other great collaborations,” said Dr. Pribadi Sutiono as, the Indonesian Ambassador of the Slovak Republic.    

Lastly, Dr. JUDr Slavomír emphasized the important theme of how the partnership will enhance students to gain experience studying abroad as well expanding their global views.  

Overall, this partnership represents a significant step forward in the effort to reach academic excellence as we aspire to foster and empower society.