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Taste of Australia 2022: How to Cook Sustainably Using Australian Products

Some BINUS Hotel Management undergraduate students did have a great time attending the Taste of Australia 2022 presented by The Australian Embassy Jakarta in partnership with Podomoro University.

Taking place on 23 June 2022, this program exhibited a live cooking demonstration, highlighting the taste sensation of Australian produce and ingredients.

This event featured an awarded 2019 Chef of the Year, Chef Melissa Palinkas to celebrate Australian culinary culture.

Chef Melissa is a Perth-based Australian Executive chef, globally well-known for her sustainable cooking approach.

This cooking approach utilizes all of the ingredients from “root to shoot”, leaving as little food waste as possible which benefits the environment.

Since the students also are engaged in food production, being a part of the event was indeed a valuable experience that could supplement their learning journey.

It raised their awareness that by making responsible choices about food selection and preparation, they can help fight world hunger and guarantee equal access to food for everyone, as echoed as one of the sustainable development goals.