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Singapore from Your Home: Cultural Exchange Party 2022

Updated December 1, 2022.

Congratulations to ten selected BINUS students who successfully participated in the Singapore from Your Home: Cultural Exchange Party 2022 program!

No Name Student ID Major
1 Cindy Natalia Prijantono 2501994475 Architecture
2 Michael Edi Lee 2540123901 Information System
3 Jeselyn Arviana 2501966074 Computer Science
4 Andi Izzat Zaky Ashari 2501977172 Computer Science
5 Theresia Kurniawan 2301901103 Chinese Literature
6 Joenathan Delfiero 2440004193 Visual Communication Design
7 Reynaldi Tanuwijaya 2301928471 International Business
8 Nico Marcelino 2501964226 Computer Science
9 Michael Adriel Darmawan 2301854170 Computer Science
10 Uttari Kandha Ariwangsa 2301941656 International Relation

Enjoy a testimonial video by one of the students: Joenathan Delfiero!



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Singapore Polytechnic (SP) in Singapore is inviting BINUS students to participate in the Cultural Exchange Party from June 24 to July 1, 2022. During the program, BINUS students will have the opportunity to make friends from Singapore and ASEAN, expand network, and exchange ideas and cultures.

Our Festivals

FREE (seats only available for 10 selected BINUS students)


  • International experience
  • SAT points
  • Program certificate and badge (complete attendance and active participation are required)


Day Date Time Activity
Friday June 24 09:00–10:45 WIB Pre Event: Introduction to Singapore Culture
Monday June 27 13:00–16:00 WIB Discovering Festivals of Singapore & ASEAN (Part 1)
Friday July 1 07:00–10:00 WIB Discovering Festivals of Singapore & ASEAN (Part 2)

Microsoft Teams or Zoom Meeting

Please make sure that you:

  1. Are highly motivated, assertive, and open-minded;
  2. Are registered as an active student at BINUS University/BINUS University International majors in any program/department;
  3. Has a good command of English;
  4. Are committed to joining all sessions and actively participating in all activities.

Please complete this BINUS Short Program Application Form (updated0422) and send it to Mr. Mario ( by Wednesday, June 15, 2022.

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