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Flourishing in Australia: Unlocking Your Greatest Potentials

On January 29, 2022, BINUS University had an amazing opportunity to collaborate with Jeanette Agatha Johan and Fikriansyah in a webinar about “Flourishing in Australia: Unlocking Your Greatest Potential”. The webinar itself gained a lot of attention with over 400 participants attending this webinar.

Jean is currently enrolled as an undergraduate student majoring in Actuarial Studies and Finance Program at University of New South Wales and Fikri had pursued his master’s degree in Public Health at University of Melbourne.

The session began with the presentation from Jean. She started the presentation with an introduction of herself and explaining that she had been studying in University of South Wales in an online situation for one and a half years. She explained again that since December 2021, she had just started her university courses onsite in Australia through a pilot program that the university provided for its international students. She then shared the reasons she chose Australia and Sydney for her studies, to be specific why she chose Actuarial Studies as her major. Jean also shared the benefits she experienced being an international student in Australia, such as having improved independency, self-responsibility, and self-management skills.

In the second presentation, Fikri gave the participants a glimpse of the process on how to apply for University of Melbourne and the Australia Awards Scholarship, and also shared his thoughts on choosing study programs that fit one’s interest and needs.

He then moved to the tips when applying for the Australia Awards Scholarship. He emphasized that it is important not to put any general explanations when applying and be more specific and objective in stating the goals. Afterwards, he continued with the explanation on how to choose the city to study in Australia. He gave suggestions for the participants regarding cities to study and the reasons behind it.

Continuing from there, Fikri explained the steps on applying for the Australia Awards Scholarship, from the application phase to the interview phase. Fikri also explained the benefits the applicant would get if they are chosen as awardees, which he said is very generous.

He then gave tips in applying for the Australia Awards Scholarship and surviving in Australia in a pandemic situation. He also showed the participants the learning platforms that University of Melbourne uses in their studies and details within University of Melbourne. Fikri closed the presentation session by sharing his life after graduation.